Dom’s Laptop is in Iran

The ventures of Dom's stolen laptop.

The ventures of Dom's stolen laptop.

You came to this article thinking ‘what in the world? This has nothing to do with gaming.’ And you, good reader, are correct! However, this story is way too hilarious to not share with you. And it’s about technology so it falls into the realm of things I like writing about.

So, not too long ago on the fourth of February, Dom’s London apartment was broken into and his Mac Book (plus iPad) were stolen. Which is very unfortunate.

However, apparently Dom had Hidden App downloaded on his Mac Book, which allows him to track it down if it does ever wander away from him. Thus… the following has ensued.


Not only is this a unique take on using Tumblr, which is a beast in and of itself, we get to see inside some stranger’s life. And their house. Which is a little… weird. Now I feel like a creeper.

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