Dragons Prophet: Stevie Ward

Stevie tearfully explains why she is perfect to win the Dragons Prophet competition.

Stevie tearfully explains why she is perfect to win the Dragons Prophet competition.

I would love to become a correspondent for Dragons Prophet at SOE, the following tale is why:

Originally, Dragons were discovered in Las Vegas. This is why in most popular culture Dragons like money, enjoy the musical styling of Tom Jones and say “Yolo” on a daily basis. It is no wonder then, that when GameSkinny and the makers of Dragons Prophet had to choose someone who not only understood the power of Dragons, but also the majesty of Las Vegas their eyes fell on me.

Growing up as a showgirl in ‘Merlin’s Fantasy Speakeasy’ in the depths of Croydon I developed keen dancing and Dragon feeding skills. To escape from my daily life I learnt how to write about Dragons, and secretly watched Oceans11 on VHS.  I documented my tales in mspaint.

believe that when chosen, my mspaint skills will be instrumental into not only my continued coverage of Dragons Prophet but also help me enter the ‘MSPaint academy for Girls‘ and achieve a better quality of life.

Topics I will cover, if chosen include:

  • Jetpacks on Dragons: How to install
  • Dragons on Jetpacks 101
  • Prophets- Do Dragons need them?

And more. 

I will also send 20% of my pay-cheque for this job, to my own Dragon, ‘Drago’ who currently lives with me in Muswell Hill. His Grandpa and Grandpa Dragon (Clive and Maureen) still live in Vegas and will be attending the expo, so it would mean the world to us to go visit them. Drago currently has a broken wing, or he would fly me himself:


We look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes,

Stevie and Drago x

Stevie Ward is a Gamer and Scifi/Fantasy fan from England. Catch her on twitter at Stevie_SG or possibly in the skies riding her luck dragon.

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