Easy Video Game Inspired Halloween Costumes

These easy, primarily DIY, costumes will wow at parties without breaking the bank. Inspired by some of gaming's finest the following slides contain Pac-Man, Minecraft, Tetris and more.

Halloween time is upon us. Costumes hang from the shelves and children are clamoring for candy. Whether you procrastinate until the last minute, can't decide on a costume or are looking to save some money this year, these easy costumes inspired by your favorite video games are sure to be a hit. 


While not game inspired per say, these console costumes are definitely fun. With a bit of ingenuity and creativity, you can take a cardboard box or Styrofoam ball and turn it into your favorite console. Easy and inexpensive, perfect for the last minute costume maker. 

Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi are Halloween costume staples. With a wide assortment of ways they can be crafted, all you really need are their iconic hats and red or green attire. These two lovely ladies went with a more classic approach, with white gloves and suspenders, denim shorts and colored shirt. 

Pac-Man and Ghosts

Pac-Man being followed by ghosts equals multiple costume ideas in one slide. The  ghosts are relatively easy, being crafted out of sheets and white and black fabric for the eyes. Pac-Man can be crafted from multiple pieces of cardboard, construction paper/paint. Easy, iconic, cheap. Extra points for a fun costumed game of tag. 

Naked Sims

The Sims

The Sims are one of the easiest costumes around. Stick a green plumbob on your head and you are ready to go. For those looking for something a bit funnier or more creative, the naked sim is the way to go. These ladies had the right idea, wearing skin tone attire and embellishing their pixelated bodies with bath items like the rubber ducky.  

Tetris T-Shirts

Tetris is one of the most recognizable games. Whether you have played it or not, you know colored blocks falling means Tetris. Follow this handy tutorial by Erin of In Between Laundry to make your own Tetris t-shirts. 


90's kids will remember Tamagotchi, the travel sized game where you had to take care of a pet. I would play for diligently for a week then it would get shoved into a drawer somewhere. This is a fun and simple costume, mostly comprised of a few pieces of cardboard, construction paper, a fake chain and matching clothes. Most of these supplies are probably lying around your home, but the dollar store will most certainly have them if you need to purchase them, keeping the cost nice and low. 



Steve from Minecraft is an easy costume to put together and one that can be done with the aid of children. Using simple print outs, glue, a cardboard box and scissors, you can create a Steve head for adult or child. Pair with blue clothes and voila, instant costume. 



Another Minecraft inspired costume is the Creeper. Using the same items as before, except with a creeper printout, you can have this heart stopping costume the day of Halloween. If you do not have a printout, you can always do various shades of green construction paper. To really bring the costume to life, pair with green clothes.