Eir’s Best Hunting Buddy

Hoelbrak's most charismatic ranger from Southern Shiverpeaks.

Hoelbrak's most charismatic ranger from Southern Shiverpeaks.

Being Eir’s best childhood friend, Snehovlaska Skadi may not match legendary Eir Stegalkin in the hunting mastery, but she sure is her best Ranger friend. After countless hours of helping people all over Tyria, defending homesteads of Shiverpeaks and fighting off the Molten Alliance she earned the right to wear Wolf armor, the highest tier of Norse hunting armor.

Snehovlaska Skadi

She was given the name of the Nordic goddess of hunt and bow mastery, which is why she adopted two animals known for their hunting capabilities: an Arctic wolf and a grey wolf. Being raised in the Southern Shiverpeaks she gravitates more to the vibrant green colours symbolizing spring and life.

Warden Greatsword

Warden Sword and Axe

Even though all her weapons are masterpieces crafted by the best Sylvari weapon crafters, her biggest pride is her legendary Kudzu.


Armor and Weapon details
  • Norn Cultural Tier 3 armor with Mystic Forged quiver.
  • Dyes used are Spring Grass, Mohair and Golden.
  • Weapons are Sylvari Cultural Tier 3 and Kudzu.

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