Elite Call of the Dragonborn: NASCAR’s Most Wanted Assassin, Report to the Battlefield

Best Game Ever Not Released...!

Best Game Ever Not Released...!

Game Skinny Banter #1

All the qualities of my favorite games

Single-player/Co-op Campaign

My ultimate game would have a great single-player campaign. You would be role-playing as some special person, similar to the Dragonborn in Skyrim, where you would be a great modern soldier, an elite like Ghost from Modern Warfare or Staff Sergeant Henry Blackburn of Battlefield 3. You would also be able to drive cars better than Jimmy Johnson himself, and, you’d would have to get away from the police chase cars quite often, seeing how much of a great assassin you are, thanks to the genes past down to you from your ancestors. You’re name is Henry “Quick Step” Kenway.

For the co-op campaign, I figure it would be the same except player 2 would get to play the sidekick, Henry’s son, Jimmy “Ghost” Kenway.

In both campaigns, you’re goal is to find lost ancient artifacts while evading the police, which are controlled by the Russians. To do so, you will go through many car chases, you will have to make your way on foot, scaling buildings and houses to lose the Russian soldiers who usually choose to just mow you down with bullets from their LMGs. You might find love… who knows? And let me tell you *spoiler* she’s a CG version of Jennifer Lawrence.

You will be able to customize the look and feel of your guns, cars, suits and much more.


There will be 10 different maps, from New York, USA to Tokyo, Japan to Sydney, Australia. There will be different presets for classes which will be available to customize once you hit level 5. There will be 10 prestige levels, just like in the original Modern Warfare. There will be game modes from CTF to TDM to S&D to CQ (BF3) to Sprint Races to Drift Races to Cops and Robbers. There will be a free roam mode (similar to GTA IV) where all features will be unlocked. In the racing game modes there will be CPU controlled cops and so there will also be pursuit breakers, obstacles you can drive through that, if timed correctly, will knock out any pursuing police cars (just like in Most Wanted).


Every piece of DLC will be free for all players who own the game. There will be 2 expansions. The first expansion will be titled “Escape from L.A.” and the second “Running the Streets of Munich.”


The 5 contributing game developing companies will be Rockstar Games (free roam mode mechanics), Electronic Arts (Frostbite Software), Ubisoft (building scaling mechanics), Activision (distribution) and Bethesda (graphics). All five will have voted on all the content for the offline and online content of the game.

If this game existed, I would pay at least $100.00 for it, but because it’s such an amazing game, Amazon.com will sell it for $39.99 on opening day.

It will win all the awards for it’s many classes and will win game of the year for the game and both expansions.

It will be available on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC/Mac.

Haemish out.


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