Enki the Sylvari – Wisdom Comes from Experience

 Enki is known in many lands as The Carrot, but do not let that name deceive you, Enki´s an Avatar encomended by misterious Gods, to bring balance to Tyria.

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 Guardian of Souls, Enki is a special Sylvari. He is the only one who was not wise since born like all of his brothers. He acquired wisdom dwelling in the past of Tyria, and confronting the most devastating enemies face to face, that was his wild hunt.

Enki the Wise

Enki the Wise

Dyes: Illumination and Abyss.

Shoulder: Fanatic´s Mantle 

Chest: Inquest Breastplate

Arms: Orrian Gauntlets

Legs: Nobleman´s legguards

Foot: Pit Fighter Greaves


Inspiration: En.ki Sumerian Mythology God, savior of the human race. Considered the master shaper of the world, god of wisdom and of all magic, His most common translation is “lord of the earth”.

For the sumerian people we were created or transported here on this planet by this powerful gods, very similar to Tyrian lore.  

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