A London-based artist is turning our much-loved pocket monsters into real looking beasts

Ever Wondered What Pokemon Would Look Like If They Were Real?

A London-based artist is turning our much-loved pocket monsters into real looking beasts

I’ve often wondered what my buddy in Pokémon GO would look like in real-life as it follows me around the park looking for more Pokémon to catch. An artist called Joshua Dunlop in London, UK, has obviously been thinking something along the same lines, as he has created some amazing artwork based on this idea.

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In a project he calls “Pokémon Zoology,” Dunlop has taken some of the most recognizable Pokémon from the original 151 and given them lifelike fur, features, made them anatomically correct, and proportionally accurate to their original artwork.


Since putting his pictures up on the showcase website, ArtStation, Dunlop’s work has gained much momentum, and has now moved into the realm of Patreon with a hope to start a Kickstarter campaign in the not so distant future — to help fund his website project. As well as doing the artwork, he hopes to write content for the website.

Here are a few more of Dunlop’s creations but you can check out more on his website, or you can head to his Patreon page and consider giving him a hand with his funding!

Sweet little Oddish

Everyone loves an Eevee

Bulbasaur was the first image he created for the project

Anyone who is a Pokémon fan has their favorite critter so which one would you like to see this artist recreate? For me, it would definitely have to be one of the legendary birds. I could imagine that Zapdos would look amazing in this art style!

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