Everything We Know About Mass Effect 4 So Far

News, rumors, expectations...GameSkinny breaks down what we know about the highly anticipated Mass Effect 4 and shares what gamers would like to see.

Mass Effect is a massive fan-favorite, science fiction, action RPS series by BioWare. Fans have begged for the next installment in the saga since 2012, after the release of Mass Effect 3. BioWare has teased at events like E3 2014 about releasing a new game. Rumors have even spread on Twitter recently about news at the upcoming E3 2015.

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Senior Producer, Jonathan Warner has definitely helped “fuel the flames,” so-to-speak, on the game’s progress.

What can we expect for Mass Effect 4?

Here’s what we know so far:
  • Mass Effect 4 will be a next-gen console game and possibly PC…sorry Xbox 360 and PS3 owners
  • We’ll see familiar and new alien races

  • So far there’s no title or release date on the horizon
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition will not be a template for Mass Effect 4, despite the gameplay similarities

“But after that, the next Mass Effect will be (and should be) drawing on its own rich and successful past more than what Dragon Age: Inquisition would say it should do. Take the Mako for example, something we’ve already shown in prototype form. We had that in Mass Effect 1, and bringing it back is more related to a feeling that we can do it much better than we did before and fulfill the original promise of that gameplay. That has nothing to do with Dragon Age: Inquisition.”

“We’re very proud of what Dragon Age: Inquisition has achieved, but that does not set a ‘template’ for what every other game we make needs to be. Each game franchise needs to innovate and improve their experience based on what’s best for it, not just what another game had success with.”

– BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn

Mass Effect‘s fundamental appeal is the interactions and relationships you can have with the characters. This was by far the most talked-about reasoning for the love of the game, aside from its dynamic storytelling. The good news for fans is that this is going to still occur in Mass Effect 4.

What would players like to see?

1. The ability to play as an alien

The series has such vast alien species that it would be fun to see their perspective in the universe.

2. A prequel that explores Mass Effect history

My example for this will be Halo: Reach. Fans of Halo are aware of the important events that take place throughout the series. This led to the release of Halo: Reach, a prequel of the UNSC’s long war against the Covenant with the Humans and the heroic sacrifice of “Noble Team.”

The events within Mass Effect – like the Geth Wars, Krogan Rebellions, the Leviathans, the Rachni War, the Turians, or the fall of the Protheans – could possibly be used in the next game to give gamers a deeper look into the world.

3. Tell us what happened to Commander Shepard

Exploration of the universe and what happened to Commander Shepard after the “infamous” ending of Mass Effect 3 would be awesome — some of us want to know, BioWare!

4. Exploration of the Yahg species

We’re introduced to the Shadow Broker in Mass Effect 2 as Commander Shepard and Liara T’Soni attempt to raid his base and rescue Feron. The Yahg, consummate predators known for their violent and aggressive nature, are a sentient race native to Parnack, with rapid preception and mental adaptability. These unattractive, massive giants are quite the formidable foe. Seeing a more in-depth storyline, rather than the mere DLC mention, would be appreciated.

5. Multiplayer aspect similar to Chromehounds

A persistent online war (PvP or PvE) to dominate control of a player’s world existing within the realms of Mass Effect.

6. Drop-in/Drop-out Co-op

Being sucked into a dynamic campaign is always fun, but what’s even better–getting sucked in with a friend. Anyone who has played the Mass Effect trilogy knows how long the campaigns, along with the side stories, can go. Many players would benefit with the co-op feature which has already proved to be successful in many other games. I’m a big fan of online co-op myself.

Hopefully in the upcoming weeks we’ll hear and see some new information on this highly anticipated return. I know many gamers cannot wait for the return of Mass Effect. With PAX East this upcoming weekend and E3 in June, perhaps we won’t have to wait too much longer.

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