Exploring EVE Online: Introducing the Guild Launch EVE Correspondent

Introducing the Guild Launch EVE Correspondent.

Introducing the Guild Launch EVE Correspondent.

Fanfest, the yearly celebration of the epic science fiction MMO EVE Online, is in full swing in Iceland and as Guild Launch’s new EVE Online correspondent, I have the privilege of being in the thick of things. As I immerse myself in the vibrant and diverse culture that underpins everything EVE flavoured, I’m gaining a deeper understanding of the communities behind the “serious business” of internet spaceships.

Having been a part of the EVE Online player base since 2003, I have had the opportunity to experience the evolution of EVE’s gameplay, as well as the growth of its communities. I have been an active blogger since 2009, writing my Freebooted blog where I have explored many of EVE’s themes. There, I have discussed the hardcore and casual aspects of the myriad of EVE’s gameplay options as well as proving that internet spaceships doesn’t always have to be serious business. I also work with many facets of the EVE community to provide a shared discussion platform in the form of blog banters, where we discuss the hot topics affecting EVE Online. A personal passion of mine is EVE’s deep and engaging dystopian science fiction setting and I further this by hosting Mark726′s EVE Lore Guide, a superb primer to the EVE Online back story, and by managing a fully in-character news podcast series and website, Tech4 News.

Through writing monthly articles for Guild Launch it is my intention to explore the many facets of life in New Eden (EVE’s universe). Over the next twelve months I will be lifting the lid on many different playstyles, examining the communities which make up the “Universe of EVE” and discussing the potentially industry changing and ambitious innovation of the EVE-DUST link, which will see the single-sharded MMO universe populated by PC players invaded by FPS Playstation 3 console gamers.

The future of EVE Online is burning brightly and this superb cinematic trailer released today at Fanfest should whet your appetite. I hope you will join me on my journey into a universe of war and treachery.

[This article was originally published on the Guild Launch blog on 24 March 2012.]

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