Faces of Gaming: FPS roles

Faces of Gaming is a great homage to FPS player types. What kind of player are you?

Released on Saturday, Faces of Gaming is a well-produced homage to the most common archetypes of multiplayer FPS gaming. At 6 minutes in length, it’s a good way to kill time waiting for the latest Xbox, PS3, or Windows update to download.

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Watch the video – what kind of player are you?

  • The Noob: Everyone starts here. Some put in the time to find their niche.
  • The Pro: Everyone thinks they’re pro. This one game, man, I totally was.
  • The Hacker: Everybody hates the hacker (and secretly wishes they had his powers).
  • The Camper: No, seriously, everybody hates the camper.
  • The Vehicle Hog: The vehicle hog takes the vehicle because if he didn’t, someone else would. Yeah … that’s it.
  • The Ninja: Nobody expects the Spani… NINJA!
  • The Trash Talker: The worst part about the trash talker is that he somehow knows your weaknesses even though he clearly hasn’t even hit puberty yet.
  • The Sniper: Some people will say there’s no difference between a camper and a sniper. To which, a sniper would reply, “Boom, headshot.”
  • The Girl: What better way to die?

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