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Fallout 4 Theory Claims the Mannequins Are Evil

Fallout is a world of many secrets, but its creepiest has to do with all those mannequins.

The Fallout universe has always been a place of weirdness, even when removing the nuclear apocalypse from the equation. From human experimentation to synthetic robots, the universe was on the cusp of many great feats in science fiction, but the end result is much more sinister. This goes double for Fallout 4‘s mannequins who, according to one theory, are more than retail store props.

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Mannequins Are Evil, According to One Fallout 4 Theory

Gen 2 synth in Fallout 4
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Much like the real world, Fallout 4 mannequins were used for retail stores and museums to showcase clothes or depict a moment in time. However, following the Great War, mannequins were still around but as discarded remnants of a bygone era. That said, one Fallout 4 theory believes that mannequins have a much darker mission in the Wasteland.

According to a Quora theory, mannequins may not be mannequins at all but Gen 2 synths used to scout for the Institute in the Wasteland. The Institute, a faction that focuses on the progression of science, led to the creation of synthetics like Nick Valentine and teleportation. They’re also known to dispatch watchers into the Wasteland, commonly using distinctive red-eyes crows. But how does this work in tandem with mannequins?

Mannequins Are Already Creepy in Fallout 4

mannequins by a bathtub in Fallout 4.
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Fallout 4 is a fun world because it’s hard to say what creepy secrets developers have put into the farthest corners of the world. But one example of mannequins in the Concord Speakeasy proves that they know how to sew horror in the dark RPG. Upstairs in a bathtub, a skeleton can be found, with mannequins surrounding it, holding a plunger and machete.

It’s hard to say if this was a fun joke for players or a sinister realization. Regardless, it sets a precedent of creepiness regarding the suspiciously inanimate objects. According to the Fallout 4 theory, the Far-Harbor add-on also had logs from an old ship, where one of the crewmates mentioned strange noises coming from the cargo hold that was filled with mannequins.

Considering how advanced the Institute is and the many minds it has walking its halls, Gen 2 synths that act and look like mannequins could have been placed around the Wasteland to keep tabs on the people. Therefore, those who may have gotten wise to the secret were killed as a result of their snooping. As we consistently find more secrets in the classic game, there may be other similar mannequin shenanigans that could add to this theory.

Are Fallout 4 Mannequins Really Synths in Disguise?

Synth with mannequins in Fallout 4
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With so many mannequins in the Wasteland standing in rooms surrounded by nothing or no one, it’s logical to assume most of them aren’t Gen 2 synths. That said, key places still have mannequins in the area, including when the Sole Survivor encountered Preston Garvey in the museum, a key moment that signified the spark that would revive the Minutemen.

The Institute has also shown that it isn’t afraid to invade privacy for its goals, and sleeper synths are the perfect method of surveillance as they can also defend themselves. Plus, with how advanced the Institute is, it’s hard to say how far ahead it is and if what we’ve seen in Fallout 4 was just the latest model or a precursor to something more. Therefore, the mannequins could be even more advanced than we realize, which is why they look so fake in the first place. This has even been proven with synths hiding among mannequins on a stage.

It’s no secret that some of us have explored the many mods of Fallout 4, which include mannequins in their creepiest forms. As a result, it may have influenced our belief that they are sinister assets of the Institute or something more supernatural. With Fallout, anything could be possible, but it’s clear that the mannequins are as creepy as they come. With Gen 2 synths looking so similar to them and their eyes operating camera-like already, they may be yet another army hiding just under our noses, waiting to strike. Or, they could be harmless hunks of plastic used to play tricks on people. No matter the outcome, it only adds to the fun and creepy world of Fallout 4.

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