Fallout history 101: All the links

All the Fallout history 101 links in one place!

All the Fallout history 101 links in one place!

You may have noticed all the Fallout History 101 stuff lately and thought to yourself, “Where can I get more?” or “I missed the first couple and now I’m lost.” or “Is Gameskinny promoting spam?” 

Well, here’s the answer to your burning questions:
  1. 101 primer: plague, oil crisis, and the Great War: How the Plague and nation relations lead to the Wasteland
  2. Weapons and Robots: Weapons, robots, and the men who love them.
  3. SPACE!: Space and aliens and missiles with nukes attached to their heads.
  4. Vault-Tec: Vault-Tec and their creepy experiments.

The events (canon only) in the timeline were gathered from the Fallout wiki and the Fallout Bible. This is a great resource for anyone looking to write about not only Fallout, but any game lore. 

This list will continue to grow as more articles are published. If you’d like to contribute to this reference, write an article about the lore of Fallout and publish it! Stay tuned!

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