Fans Love Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has a huge fanbase and it's still growing!

How passionate are you for the new Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? I know I am! If you have been unable to go to sleep and are rolling around in your bed, then you have FFXIV: ARR syndrome. Many fans of the 25 year-long Final Fantasy series have experienced this syndrome. So why, you ask? Because fans love and can’t get enough of FFXIV: ARR.

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 FFXIV: ARR Social Media Growth

It has been several months since FFXIV began its journey through the beta phases and the number of fans has skyrocketed. FFXIV: ARR’s own Facebook has over 221,000 followers and on its Twitter account it has almost 35,000 followers. Even its YouTube channel has seen over 75,000 subscribers. All fans just trying to get that extra information on the next upcoming FF MMO.

Showing the FanSite Love

With so many fans, fansites have been already set up and are getting new members everyday. Eorzea Reborn is a Fansite including editorials about FFXIV, as well as guides and general gaming information. XIV Pads is a community fan site that is a progress tracker for Final Fantasy XIV. Gamer Escape’s FFXIV Wiki is a wiki website for Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix has even put up its own community site for FFXIV called Final Fantasy XIV, The Lodestone.

Of course, we fans know that Final Fantasy always has a ton of items, weapons, and armor in every FF game to pass. So Fansites have come up with clever websites for just items in general for FFXIV. Some of these sites are called FFXIV Database, Mooglebox FFXIV Database and FFXIV Pro.

FFXIV: ARR Cosplay excitement

I’d have to say Cosplay is where the heart of the most passionate FFXIV fans live. A 26-year-old female from Austria, known as Evil_Siren, has taken cosplay to a whole new level with her Dragoon armor. Deviantart has always been a link to cosplay fans and artists. Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV, The Lodestone community website has held cosplay tournaments for fans to enter and enjoy.

As the fans keep growing, so shall the community-based Fansites. FFXIV: ARR has generated a huge fan community around the world and the fans love to show it.

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