Father’s Day Contest: Epic Geek Dads

One lucky gamer dad will win $100 for Father's Day!

One lucky gamer dad will win $100 for Father's Day!

Geek dads are everywhere, raising awesome kids while still getting their gamer cred on.

The generation of gamers who grew up with NES raising families now, and we want to highlight how awesome these fathers are as they dual wield controllers and kids!

Entries are open though 11:59p.m. Sunday June, 9th.

  1. Tell us a story about a great Dad you know (that dad can be you, your husband, your friend, some guy you read about on Reddit – any dad). Who is he? What makes him epic, geeky and a great parent?
  2. Tag your post “Epic Dads”
  3. We’ll select one to win $100 from Amazon in time for Father’s Day


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Looking for inspiration?

Check out these dads!


Making their daughter’s ‘Princess Vader’ costumes.

(Best use of spray glitter ever.)


Painting their kid’s nursery with awesome murals.

(From ars technica)


Encouraging their kids to be a hero, every day.

(From Reddit)

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