Felix the Reaper Presents a Fun Dance With Death (Preview)

In puzzle game Felix the Reaper -- death has never been so charming.

In puzzle game Felix the Reaper -- death has never been so charming.

If you would describe yourself as having a “dark sense of humor,” you’ll certainly want to keep an eye on Felix the Reaper.

Created by Kong Orange, a development studio based in Denmark, Felix, the titular Reaper, is a suit-wearing, be-bopping harbinger of death. Your job is to help him boogie down in the shadows to stage the deaths of unwitting souls in his midst.

According to Felix the Reaper’s website:

“Felix The Reaper is a romantic comedy about the life of Death. It’s brought to you on PC as a 3D shadow manipulation puzzle adventure game of dance, dying people and dangerous love.”

Felix is madly in love with Betty the Maiden, and he’s working on his dancing skills to win her over. As a field reaper, he visits the human world to make sure people die the way they are destined to.  

As a character, Felix is a very likable remix of the classic Father Doom trope that usually goes along with the Grim Reaper. On multiple occasions, I found myself shimmying in my seat as I went about solving the puzzles … and I’m sure you will, too.

Solving the puzzles requires managing toggles that move certain objects, picking up things and moving them, and — most importantly — managing the sun’s direction so you can safely walk in the shadows. Field Notes at the start of each level give you an animated clip of your objectives, and it is up to you to complete the task to move Felix one step closer to completing his deathly duties. As if Felix’s constant twirling and dancing weren’t enough to make you feel good, Kong Orange also threw in words of encouragement when you’re on the right track.

One of Felix the Reaper's many puzzles

It’s a game that makes you feel good about Death. 

Your performance stats for each level are tracked, and there’s opportunity to go back and try to complete the puzzle with fewer moves, with fewer sun turns, in less time, and so on. It appears that the game will also include a “hardcore elite reaper trainee version,” but this wasn’t accessible in the demo.

At first glance, the game’s aesthetic has a distinct Roman Dirge feel to it. Fans of Lenore: the Cute Little Dead Girl, and Johnen Vasquez’s Johnny the Homicidal Maniac will feel right at home with the dark comedy Felix the Reaper presents. However, a wildly dancing protagonist (no seriously, he dances constantly) and a colorful setting add an energetic overtone to smooth the darker edges.   

Completing puzzles in Felix the Reaper unlocks bonuses like this disco floor

You get your very own disco floor when you successfully complete an objective. 

The game’s aesthetics are furthered by the music. Kong Orange collected a diverse set list, and each level has its own tune. A feature I appreciated is the radio panel within the in-game menu which allows you to toggle back and forth between tracks you’ve discovered thus far. 

Although there’s no release date, you can keep up with Felix and the development team’s journey on the Felix the Reaper website, where you can check out trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, and other fun things related to the game.

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*The developer provided GameSkinny with a press demo for the purpose of this preview.*

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