FFXIV: Lalafell Dance Party

A FFXIV video definitely worth watching!

A FFXIV video definitely worth watching!

Scanning through my Twitter this morning, I found one fairly interesting tweet, which was just vague enough to get me to click on it.

Since I really had nothing going on, I clicked the link. This is what I found.

Whoever created this video is a genius!

So you have five Lalafell dancing to N*Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye.” The four in the back are all male, so the animations sync up. The Lalafell in the front is a female, making her animations stand out slightly.

I’m not exactly sure if this was done within the game, or if this is a separate program that the Lalafell were imported into. Either way, the coordination and choreography is brilliant. This Final Fantasy dance party will bring a smile to any FFXIV player. I hope you enjoyed it!

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