Final Fantasy XIV Early Access Makes Lalafells Sad, Launch Must Be Better

Time to step it up, Square Enix. You can't afford to mess this one up.

Those of you hoping Final Fantasy XIV‘s early access would be more stable than phase 4 were likely sorely disappointed when login errors and repeated maintenance plagued this past weekend. Yoshi-P is sorry, but it’s a worrying topic as the official launch is less than 24 hours away.

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Following the NA/EU worlds dealing with the broken instance server and the inability to log in, producer Naoki Yoshida made an apology post on the official forums to quell player unrest. The apology is nice and all, and it’s clear they are working on solutions to the issues we’ve been experiencing, but it is also fairly apparent tomorrow is going to be a nightmare.

Launch day imminent

As with the other high load periods we’ve seen this past weekend and last week during phase 4, Square Enix will be implementing login restrictions to deal with the number of players trying to access the North American and European worlds. That solution is all well and good, but they may want to consider adding more worlds to accommodate the next wave of new players.

Even the most diehard fans are beginning to get antsy at not being able to log into the game. When the demographic that is most likely to stick with the game for years is complaining, one can only imagine how those less inclined to stick around will deal with the errors we’ve been seeing as of late.

Final Fantasy XIV already has the hype thanks to Yoshi-P and his team’s hard work, but now it’s up to Square Enix to hold up their end of the deal. With the game’s sour reputation from 1.0, it’s going to take more than some apologies and maintenance to prove to the new players this game is worth their time.

As for me, I am ready to sell some princess trout to some newbies — provided I can log in tomorrow.

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