Five Memorable Metal Gear Solid Easter Eggs

Go back and uncover some of the series' hidden secrets

Go back and uncover some of the series' hidden secrets

If you look past all the death, destruction, torture and looming threat of war, the MGS games are pretty quirky. Each Metal Gear Solid game is chock full of easter eggs that range from funny conversations to lewd behavior. Let’s take a look at some memorable ones:

1. Snake’s Dream 

In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Snake gets the pulp beat out of him by the antagonist Colonel Volgin. Once he comes too, he wakes up in a jail cell with nothing but intense pain.

If a player saves the game right when Snake wakes up, turns the game off and on again, they’ll be treated to a very unexpected mini game.

What’s seemingly like a Devil May Cry hack n’ slash game turns out to be Snake’s usual dream. You play as an unnamed man with dual weapons fending off waves and waves of monsters. This is the most bloody and vicious part of the game and, technically, it never happened.

Is it a metaphor for Snakes mood? Is it some sort of supernatural occurrence? Or did Snake take one to many blows to the head? Either way, it’s a nice diversion from the main story. 

2. Sexually Frustrated Guards 

 Being a guard must be tough. You spend hours and hours a day patrolling a perimeter, get paid in pennies and have the chance of getting killed. Aside from that, the one’s who either long for a girlfriend or miss their wives at home are probably feeling blue.

Enter these women:

If Solid Snake is lucky enough, on the battlefield he’ll find a lone Playboy Magazine. He can harness the powers of lust by placing a magazine on the ground and then wait for a lonely guard to pass by. If interested, the guard will forget what they’re doing to sneak a peek. Snake takes advantage of this and can either sneak by them or take them out. 

If Snake feels so inclined he can sneak a peek too…

3. Ending The End Early 

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater had a colorful cast of bosses. There was The Pain, a man who had an affinity for shooting bees out of his mouth. The Fear, a man who could turn invisible and act like a spider. Most memorable of all, was The End. The End was a very old man with the eye sight of ten hawks. He was an expert sniper would could shoot lint from a fly.

The boss fight between him and Snake is a vast one that takes place in three different locations and The End could be in any one of them. Snake must plan ahead, tread lightly and make sure to either sneak up on the old man or pick him off from a far. 

That, or you could set your clock ahead in time.

If you set the PS2s internal clock ahead (or PS3 if you have the HD version of Snake Eater) a week or so The End will die of old age. Not to surprising, but it does take the thrill from the fight.

Even Snake agrees.

2. Psycho Mantis’ Least Favorite PlayStation Controller 

When the PS3 first launched it was $600 dollars and rumble-less. For those who remember it launched with a controller titled the SIXAXIS. It looked exactly like the Dualshock controllers but was half the weight because it wasn’t packaged with the ever-so-loved rumbling feature that they eventually brought back.

After Mantis shows and goes for the rumble, upon discovering there isn’t any rumble he promptly blows up. Most likely, he was mirroring the PlayStation fan base toward the SIXAXIS. 

1. Psycho Mantis Also Reads Your Mind

It’s a good guess that players of the series, and possibly some who aren’t, know of this glorious easter egg. When players first encounter Psycho Mantis in the first Metal Gear Solid he is a bit of a show off and wants to prove to Snake that he actually has telekinetic abilities. 

First, Mantis makes the PlayStation controller vibrate. After that, he still wants to show off his ego and he “reads” Snakes mind. Now, what isn’t necessarily said is that Mantis is actually reading the player’s memory card and he’ll point out how many times you’ve saved a game and if you’ve played another Konami game, such as Castlevania.

This short moment hasn’t only been engrained in MGS lore, it’s been engrained in video game history. It’s such a fun moment it’s a safe bet to assume Mantis is smiling under his mask.

All of the MGS games have a plethora of fun things to look for and read up on. From finding girly posters in a locker room to hearing other character’s thoughts, there’s a ton of extra content to go out of your way for. Here’s hoping that MGS V: The Phantom Pain packs just as much when it releases on September 1st. 

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