Gamer Gift Guide: For Nintendo Fans

What does one get for the Nintendo enthusiast on their Christmas shopping list?

On Dasher! On Dancer! On Mario! On Luigi! On Yoshi!

From the Mushroom Kingdom to Hyrule, Nintendo has some of the best fans around. With the holidays quickly approaching, you'll need to get your shopping out of the way quickly and this guide is here to help you figure out what to get your aspiring Pokemon Master, Hero of Time, or Plumber from Brooklyn. 

Make sure the Kuribo shoes are hung by the chimney with care and have the Deku nuts roasting over an open fire from a fire flower!

Wii U Black 32GB Console

Rating: 4/5 (638 Customer Reviews)

Price: $331

Buy It: Amazon

How are you going to play some of the best games without the system? Amazon has quite a few bundles to choose from for the Wii U, but this is just the Deluxe model. If your children are racing fans, the Mario Kart 8 bundle would be right up their alley. Or you can go with the New Super Mario Brothers U bundle. Any direction you go, the person receiving the Wii U will be a happy camper this holiday season!

Nintendo 3DS XL-Black or Red

Rating: 4.5/5 (462 Customer Reviews)

Price: $200

Buy It: Amazon

The 3DS XL is the current 3DS of choice among gamers. Everyone who is into mobile gaming will want to have this waiting for them under their Christmas tree this December. There are a lot of games that 3DS owners need to have like Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon X and Y, and the new Pokemon games, Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. With more great 3DS games, you'll be able to get more Street Pass hits and thus, get even more out of the system.

Super Smash Brothers For 3DS

Rating: 4.5/5 (384 Customer Reviews)

Price: $36.37

Buy It: Amazon

Super Smash Bros for 3DS could be considered by some to be the 3DS game of the year, while some might say a version of Pokemon will be the game of the year. However, with several game modes, each more fun than the last, everyone will want to get in on the action and settle the score in Super Smash Bros. It's also available for Wii U. 

K'Nex Mario Kart Building Set - Mario Vs. Thwomps

Rating: N/A

Price: $29.99

Buy It: Toys R Us

If you can't get a hold of Mario Kart 8, being able to play it in toy form is the next best thing. There are quite a few play sets that can be put together so every Mario Kart racer can imagine that the final lap in Bowser Castle and the win is within reach. How the race differs is up to you. In this playset, Mario wins and the Thwomp goes down!

Vermilion City Gym T-Shirt

Rating: N/A

Price: $17.00

Buy It:

Things that are considered "retro" are cool to the younger generation of people. What better way to teach the new generation than with the first generation of Pokemon gym leaders? All 8 Kanto region gym leaders are available, and I had to use one of my favorite gym leaders, Lt. Surge, as the shirt of choice. Who wouldn't want to wear the Thunder-badge or Boulder-badge right on their chest, to show the world that they have defeated a gym leader!

8 Bit LED Holiday Wreath

Rating: 148 Facebook Comments(Ratings Unavailable)

Price: $20.00

Buy It:

What better way to ring in the holidays than with an 8-bit video game wreath? If there is a better way, I haven't thought of it yet! All the classics are there, the Mario 1-up mushroom, the Galaga space ship, Legend of Zelda rupee and much more. A fan of classic video games would love to get their hands on this. And take it from me, it makes any room look so much better!

Nintendo Super Mario Wall Graphics

Rating: N/A

Price: $70.00

Buy It:

I mentioned that the holiday wreath will any room look better, and these wall decorations do the exact same thing, only a hundred times more. I'm a semi-grown man and I think these would look great in my house. Just imagine how cool a young kid would think it was to have Mario and Luigi on their bedroom wall. I know when I was younger, I would have loved having something like this! Who wouldn't love the Mario Brothers on their wall?

NES Nintendo Zapper Desk Lamp Light Sculpture

Rating: 5/5

Price: $82.00

Buy It: Etsy

This is a great way to never have to say goodbye to gaming toys/accessories. The NES Zapper Gun was used for games like Duck Hunt and Hogan's Alley. What better way to honor the Duck Hunt Dog being in Super Smash Bros than using the Zapper Gun to light up the room you're playing video games in? The classic look of the Zapper adds to the charm of this interesting sculpture!

Tetris Magnet Set

Rating: N/A

Price: $5.99

Buy It:

Who hasn't imaged something that wasn't Tetris cubes turning into Tetris cubes? Now, you can have the cubes on your fridge and play Tetris whenever you want. You might find yourself moving blocks to line up rows, and then something falls off the fridge by accident. Old school gamers as well as the young generation would find it fun to get a drink out of the fridge and then stand in front of said fridge for a while, lining up the perfect Tetris move (and playing the classic theme in their heads!).

Zelda Ocarina

Rating: N/A

Price: $40.00

Buy It:

One of the main themes in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was the music of the Ocarina. Your gamer can get an Ocarina of Time and play it just like the hero of time himself! Play all the classic songs from the game like the "Song of Time", "The Bolero of Fire", and "Zelda's Lullaby". Be warned though, if you buy this for someone, they might open the Sacred Realm and allow the Triforce to be tainted with evil, changing the fabric of time as we know it. They also might just make it rain all the time, with the Song of Storms. Zelda fans might be the only ones who get these references but who else are you buying an Ocarina of Time for?