Gamer Gift Guide: Handmade Gifts for Your Favorite Gamer

Need the perfect gift for your gamer? Thinking about going handmade this year? Check out this list of gamer-friendly Etsy gifts.

So you've got a gamer you've got to buy for this holiday season. And you don't want to just get them another Zelda t-shirt and a truly fantastic set of headphones from Turtle Beach is just a little too costly. What you want is something that will stand out from the rest of the gamer stuff that's out there. 

This is the list for you. 

Everything in this list comes from the site Etsy, sort of an Amazon marketplace for homemade goods. You can check out the list on Etsy here, or you can just go through the slideshow and check out some of my homemade faves. 

First up are these awesome 9mm bullet replacement buttons. Definitely a fun and unique gift for the FPS gamer in your life, and fairly reasonably priced as far as controller mods go.

List price: $16.95

They're from Etsy seller DieselLaceDesign, and you can check them out here

A Scrimshaw Horde Pendant, made from buffalo horn. What makes them super fantastic isn't just the old school technique to make the impression, but also the way that while it has a distinctly masculine vibe, it's unisex enough to also work for a lady. 

List price: $32

From Etsy seller BDSart, you can find the rest of the information here

Magnets are a great gift for someone with a new house. Almost everyone needs magnets and they almost never buy them. So to be cool and functional, you can buy this poplar Tetris set that doubles as a sort of puzzle. 

List price: $15.00

You can find it in the BackPackShoppe here

Another one for the old school gamer, this colorful Mario acrylic lamp has tons of personality and has actual usability. Hard to beat. 

List price: $79

This one is also from BackPackShoppe on Esty

Cuteness alert! Charmander has always been one of the more adorable Pokemon, and this inspired mousepad is perfect because it has functional use for a gamer (I am currently using a sheet of cardboard as a mousepad, for example) and is super awesome to look at. 

List price is: $14.12

You can buy this from GameEmporia on Etsy

Does your gamer giftee like coffee? Caffeination is almost a second state of being these days, and this is a pretty adorable way to keep from scalding your hands on your coffee cup. 

Etsy seller Nerdifacts actually has a whole rage of related products, including these sort of fascinating Instagram fingerless gloves and this octopus hair fascinator

List price is 15.41. You can check out this and the others at Nerdifacts Etsy here.

Nothing says "I know how to power up this grill" like a Boba Fett apron. Well, maybe a few other things imply that level of skill, but this has serious geek love. For that man (or woman) in your life who loves to cook and loves Star Wars

List price: $75

You can find this and more aprons from the Haute Mess threads Etsy shop

It's the winter and everyone has got to keep their ears warm. What better way than a crocheted hat inspired by Skyrim

List price $30. 

You can find this hat at the Inner Character Etsy shop

Maybe your gamer giftee is more of a pen and paper kind of person, and likes their rolls for charisma. In that case, a great gift can be a new set of dice, or alternatively a really nifty dice bag. 

List price is $25. 

These modern scale mail designs are pretty cool, and you can find them in Amanda Lynn Chainmail's Etsy shop.

Did your gamer get really excited about Arkham Origins this year? Then maybe this Batman bottle opener from Architara Design is the way to go. This Batarang style bottle opener looks pretty badass. 

List price is $14. 

You can find it here at the Architara Design Etsy shop

For that console gamer that's always lounging away on their sofa, this is a really great gift with a lot of heart. 

List price is $25. 

This pixel heart creation can be found in the Magnolia Fern Etsy shop

The Lutece twins were the most enigmatic characters in what many consider to be the Game of the Year: Bioshock Infinite. 

List price is $16.82

You can find this in the Lights of Arcadia Etsy shop

The Last of Us was another stellar game this year, and this minimalist digital pixel art print is a great gamer gift for people who loved Naughty Dog's creation. 

The list price is @20

You can pick this and other gamer prints up from 1000yrHEADACHE 's Etsy store

Normally I don't advocate buying soap for your fellow man, as it does imply that you think they stink. However, this 3-D replica of a PS3 controller is super awesome, and definitely a great, fun gift for this holiday season. 

List price is $22

You can buy this and more gamer themed soaps from Digital Soaps' Etsy store

Is your gamer the kind that bought a 3DS just for a Link Between Worlds? Then these might do the trick. While these are earrings, Etsy seller lizglizz also sells Zelda cufflinks for Majora's Mask, so there's a little something for everyone at this shop. 

The list price for these is $18. 

You can find them in the lizglizz Etsy shop

Do you have another Etsy gift suggestion? Leave them in the comments below.