Games Industry: What’s In Your Fridge? Featuring Coffee Stain, Wargaming.Net, Ubisoft, CCP, and CD Projeckt Red

Ready for the strangest tour in gaming? What is in your favorite studio's fridge?
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Recently at the GameSkinny office, we settled down and looked at our fridge. Mountain Dew cans. Expired Pizzas. What does that say about the folks here? 

Which got us to thinking: what about the rest of the gaming industry? What makes up the fridges of some of the people who make the games we love? Well, we found out. Check out some of the fridges (and break rooms) in a behind the scenes tour you never knew you wanted. 

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The fridge at the Guild Launch/GameSkinny headquarters, complete with strange wheel of cheese and possibly dangerous Hot Pockets. 

Coffee Stain Studios

The folks behind Goat Simluator were kind enough to supply us with their fridge contents. Think there might be some beer being sneaky in that bottom drawer. 

They also sent us a few images of their pretty fancy break room. Looks like someone made a shopping trip to IKEA.

Looks like a pretty nice set up. Thanks Coffee Stain Studios! 


Of all the things I was expecting to see from Wargaming.Net, I can say that miniature clay tanks and a bear figurine were not on the list. 

The ketchup and carrots though, those were definitely on the list.

In case you're concerned that the tanks were placed in the fridge for our viewing pleasure, Kelley from Wargaming.Net assures us that they were not. 

For reference, the clay tanks in the fridge are from our recent tank play-doh outing where the teams competed for best tank for the chance to appear in an upcoming Wargaming commercial and then later displayed in our Fun Zone. 

My vote is for the red and light blue one on the far left. 

What fridge would be complete without a tiny Wargaming.Net bear statue? They're definitely THE must-have fridge accessory of the fall. 

What about that aforementioned Fun Zone? Turns out that Wargaming.Net has a pretty stocked break room. 

Definitely stocked. These guys even have a Game Genie for their Genesis. 

A view of the Fun Zone in action. 

Final parting shot of the Fun Zone. Thanks for the pics Wargaming.Net! 

Ubisoft San Fransisco

Ubisoft definitely brings us the most put together fridge. I'm a bit disappointed by the limited Coke (all bottom right corner) but we all have our preferences. 

I'm really liking this trend of arcade rooms in major studios. Kick back with a bit of Pac-Man's Arcade Party between long crunch times? Sounds pretty swell. 

Love, love, love the personalized pool table light. As well as the green fringe on the edge of that table. Very, very cool Ubisoft San Francisco! 


CCP (the folks behind Eve Online) were kind enough to share pictures of their Reykjavik office. Their fridges certainly put our GameSkinny ones to shame. 

Good to see that mixed in among the rest of the soda is the stereotypical gamer fuel -- Mountain Dew and Red Bull.

Do I spy a Star Wars pinball machine in the back there? 

What water adjacent game room would be complete without a pretty amazing aquarium? Thanks CCP for giving us these great photos of your Reykjavik offices.


Last, but certainly not least, we're finishing up with the guys from CD PROJEKT RED (The Witcher). Thank you Marcin Momot for taking these shots of their Warsaw, Poland kitchen.

(For those wondering, I'm pretty sure that bundled-up fruit is an Asian pear). 

Marcin discussed how CD PROJEKT RED was a multi-national and multi-cultural company and that you could see this through their wide variety of food products throughout the studio. 

The folks behind the Witcher have access to a wide variety of foods through the cantina as well as several vending machines. Marcin wrote: 

The cantina in the studio serves all sorts of delicious meals, from grilled fish, to pastas, to healthy salads and sandwiches. A wide variety of breakfast options allows employees to kick off their day: scrambled eggs, vegetable smoothies, fruit bowls, you name it.

My mouth was seriously watering while I looked at the photos from CD PROJEKT RED. Thank you Marcin for sharing them with us! 


What studio do you wish we would've given you a sneak peak on? Are there any surprises from these studios? Let us know in the comments below. 

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