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My contest entry to be apart of the Dragon's Prophet Correspondence Team!

My contest entry to be apart of the Dragon's Prophet Correspondence Team!

I have always loved to beta test new games. Gaming has always been a passion for me and if it wasn’t for schools costing SO MUCH, I would totally be going to a Game Design school and be pursuing a degree in this industry. I am a fantastic writer and have a highly creative imagination. The sky is the limit with me and there would be no better way to show off my skills than to be apart of the Dragon’s Prophet Correspondent Team!

I have already had the pleasure of playing the game in closed beta and have always made my own blogs and articles to show off the games I enjoy the most. Writing is a lot of fun for me and I want everyone to see what an amazing game this is and the potential it has to be even better!

I took a couple of media courses at SCSU and also my freshmen year of college had a Gaming Review Show approved and made for our local cable viewers. Nothing stops my ambition to be something more and with gaming under my wing, I couldn’t see an opportunity worth passing up.

I am a fun, outgoing, passionate and friendly girl. I love hanging with friends and having fun; we usually will have gaming LAN parties throughout the year and we always share gaming experiences with each other so we can try new games. My friends love this game and I am so glad I came across it. If I was chosen to be a correspondent you, would not regret one minute of it!

Thank you so much for creating such an awesome game!

xoxo PwnDoll

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Gamer/ Writer/ Model - PwnDoll (Dollie) Born in Long Beach, California in 1990. She grew up in a Navy family and traveled most of her life. It started in California and then went to Chicago where her brother was born. After her brother was born the family moved to Sigonella, Sicily where she was able to visit many places in the time living there. Her parents took her to Bavaria, Germany, Rome, Paris, Naples, Venice, and even Pompeii, and from there they moved to Perth, Western Australia. Lastly, she ended up back in the USA in Minnesota where her dad was born. Having traveled around the world has really made her a well-rounded girl. Being able to see the world and only be in her 20's right now has been a huge accomplishment. She has learnt so much from each country she has been to and will more than likely travel more in the future, she is not the kind of girl who wants to be nailed down in one spot for too long.