Get the tissues ready, here are the most depressing endings in gaming.

Gaming’s most depressing endings

Get the tissues ready, here are the most depressing endings in gaming.

Crack out the antidepressants because we’re looking back on games that left us in tears while the cold-hearted credits rolled! Who said gamers didn’t have a soft side?

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BioShock Infinite

Whether you were perplexed by the mind bending conclusion, or in shock from the surprising revelations, you would have to be some kind of super human to not get a tad glossy eyed at this game’s ending. In the game’s final moments, we discover that Booker Dewitt is, in fact, Comstock in another dimension, also revealing that Elizabeth is his daughter. But the tears come at the very last scene where multiple Elizabeths are surrounding Booker before forcing him under water, drowning him to end any possibility of the tyrannical Comstock making a return. Despite the mind boggling complexity of the ending, the beauty of it really tugs at your heart, all of which is elevated by top notch performances from the voice actors. 

Final Fantasy X 

The Final Fantasy series is known for having pretty optimistic endings and Final Fantasy X is no different, but it does illustrate the sacrifices that must be made to get a happy ending. After finally defeating Sin and bringing the start of the Eternal Calm, Tidus, the main protagonist, begins to fade out of existence. Earlier, it was revealed that Tidus was a dream of The Faith and a dream that needed to end in order for Spira to be at peace. This revelation ate away at the back of your mind until the finale when Yuna runs towards her love only for him to start to disappear into nothingness. Sure, Final Fantasy has made us cry before, but this ending was one of the most lip quivering cutscenes ever to come out of the franchise… And oh, yeah, that song at the end doesn’t help to cheer you up any, either! 

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

The Metal Gear Solid games have always been known for their offbeat humor and convoluted storylines, but with Metal Gear Sold 3: Snake Eater, Hideo Kojima proved he could also deliver an emotionally powerful finale. Convinced that his old mentor, The Boss, is a traitor to the United States, Naked Snake is tasked with finding and killing her. This is already a tragic mission, an old friend turning to the enemy, but it isn’t until the reveal at the game’s end where the real punch to the gut is delivered. After defeating The Boss in hand to hand combat, Naked Snake realizes that The Boss was not a traitor after all, but a double agent. She died for her country, but her name would always be tarnished with the only man bearing this knowledge being the one that killed her… Harsh. 

Half Life 2: Episode 2

This game’s ending is depressing for a couple of reasons. One, it sees the demise of Alex Vance’s beloved father, Eli Vance. Second, it leaves you on an agonizing cliffhanger that seems more and more less likely to ever get resolved. After having seemingly defeated the Combine threat, Gordon Freeman and company’s celebration is tragically cut short when a flying larva ceature crashes through the wall, piercing poor Eli through the head. Despite Alex’s robotic companion, D.O.G.’s heroic efforts, Eli’s brain is promptly sucked through a straw-like appendage Starship Troopers style. The shocking scene leaves you speechless, as if your heart was torn from your chest and stomped on right in front of you. All we can hope is that one day, Gabe Newell can find it in his heart to hopefully bring resolution to what is one of the most painful cliffhangers in gaming history. 

Halo: Reach

We all pretty much knew from the offset that things weren’t going to end well for Noble Team since anybody familiar with Halo lore knew of Reach’s inevitable fate. Regardless, it doesn’t make this game’s final shootout any less depressing. Opting to stay behind and clear the skies in order for the Pillar of Autumn to escape, Noble 6 fights their final battle. The fact that this scene is completely interactive with an infinite amount of Covenant swarming the player until they eventually fall, each hit they take leaving a crack on their visor, allows this sequence to really hit home. Master Chief might be the hero of the Halo franchise, but if it wasn’t for an unknown group of Spartans, none of what he did would have been possible. 

There you have it, five games that will make you cry like newborn babies. Any that I missed? What games made you go through an entire box of Kleenex? Let me know in the comments below! 

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