Looking for the perfect gift for the Smite, League or Dota fan in your life? We've rounded up the best gifts to grab for the MOBA players.

Gift Guide: Perfect Products for the MOBA Fan in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for the Smite, League or Dota fan in your life? We've rounded up the best gifts to grab for the MOBA players.
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MOBAs have been around for quite some time now and they continue to grow more and more popular especially with the evolution of eSports. 

If you have a friend or relative that's a gamer, there's a good chance they enjoy playing one of the top MOBA games right now.

We've picked out some great gifts for the League, Dota, or Smite fan in your life.

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League of Legends: Collectibles 

Price: $15-$65

Buy It: Riot Merchandise

Does your friend or relative just LOVE Teemo? Can't get enough of Figma? Check out the adorable (and awesome) collectibles available from the Riot store. With the variety of plushies, figurines and statues, this can be a gift idea to come back to for every holiday!

The Art of League of Legends: Volume I 

Price: $75

Buy It: Riot Merchandise

Anyone has a deep love for League of Legends also has a deep love and respect for the artistry that goes into the creation of this MOBA. The Art of League of Legends is a perfect collection of how the art of League has developed throughout the years.

League of Legends Backpack: Champions

Price: $50

Buy It: Riot Merchandise

This versatile backpack is perfectly sized for school books or even a laptop. You carry your team on your back anyway, why not represent it on your backpack?

League of Legends All Hero Logo Mouse Pad

Price: $9.99

Buy It: Amazon

This oversized mouse pad is a great gift for even the casual League player. The material of the pad allows for better control of mouse speed along with the non-stick backing perfect to hold in place during big in-game moves.

It's also stain and water resistant, making it durable no matter where you use it. 

League of Legends 'Eat, Sleep, League' Shirt or Tank Top

Price: $12.95+

Buy It: Etsy

When fewer words need to be spoken to truly express the level of dedication to your League addiction, this t-shirt comes in handy.

League of Legends Silicone Bracelets

Price: $4.85

Buy It: Etsy

As a wonderful stocking stuffer, or gift to share with friends, these bracelets can be given out to your fellow teammates or to just your buddies to display which position they prefer the most.

The International 2016 Swag Bag Kit

Price: $40

Buy It: Valve Store

Not able to make it to The International this year? Neither was your friend? Don't worry! You can get the swag bag that was given out at TI6! This stocked back includes a t-shirt, water bottle, journal, sunglasses and so much more! Perfect for the hardcore Dota esports fan!

Robbobin Ragdoll Dota Leggings

Price: $26.50

Buy It: Valve Store

Have a female Dota fan family member or friend? She'll LOVE these comfy Dota leggings. The unique design covered in heroes will certainly make her stand out in the crowd.

Dota 2 Duffle Bag

Price: $70

Buy It: Valve Store

This unique Duffle Bag is great for any Dota player that enjoys a good workout in between matches, or even for someone that simply enjoys traveling! Features include a zippered side pocket and even a removable Velcro pocket perfect for your cell phone.

Dota 2 All Pick Belt

Price: $20

Buy It: Valve Store

This unique belt is a great accessory if you're not sure what to get your Dota fan. Being reversible, it adds a versatile style to how it can be worn! And at a fairly decent price it could even be used as a stocking stuffer!

Large Dota 2 Mouse Pad

Price: $12.16

Buy It: Amazon

Not sure who your friend or relatives favorite character is? Do they love to play (sometimes a little too much). This large Dota mouse pad is great for the tride and true Dota fan and hardcore player.

Hooded SMITE varsity jacket

Price: $64.99

Buy It: Smite

This slick cotton fleece varsity jacket displays the SMITE logo front and back, and is exclusive to the SMITE website. This version is very similar to a varsity jacket sold last year! Be quick, though, it's currently available for pre-order!

SMITE Gems Giftcard

Price: $7.99-$99.99

Buy It: Amazon

Don't understand SMITE? Not quite sure what to get? Well, you can never go wrong with Gems. The in-game, money is a perfect gift certificate to get so that your giftee can choose whatever they would like to purchase to better themselves in-game!

SMITE Game Logo Adjustable Snapback 

Price: $6.00

Buy It: Amazon

This slick snapback is perfect for you SMITE friend that needs and addition to their cap collection. As snapbacks are fairly popular in the gaming community right now, this cap will certainly make them standout.

What do you think about these choices? What will you pick up this year for the MOBA fan in your life? Let us know!

As versatile as these three MOBAs are, there's no doubt you'll be able to find something unique for the League, Dota, or Smite fan in your life.

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