Grand Theft Auto V: Live Life in The Fast Lane Online

Enjoy all the high octane excitement that Grand Theft Auto V has to offer.

GTA V releases at midnight and I cannot wait. I have played the series for a long time and this one has so much time, money, and effort put into it. It’s supposed to be much bigger than all the other GTA games and have a ton of things to do. That’s not the only reason I’m excited though. It also means that I’m one step closer to playing the stellar Grand Theft Auto Online that comes free with the game and launches in October.

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Building my crew

I cannot stress enough how excited I am for the online mode. After watching the trailer in August, it seemed that GTA Online had everything I could want in an online multiplayer mode. The world has so many things to do, ranging from simple arm wrestling to pulling a bank heist. The best part of it all is that I can do this with my friends. I think it will be fun to start my own crew and do missions together. We can potentially have our own crime empire. For someone who loves GTA, that is one the best things that could have been added.

Yeah, I’ll be spending a lot of time on this.

Spending that hard-earned cash

The other thing I’m excited about is what I can do with all the money I make. Based on the trailer, I will be able to buy housing property and decorate it how I see fit. It will be fun building up: from starting with nothing to owning a mansion with a house-sized garage full of exotic cars. Whatever I do, it will be completely my decision.

In the meantime, I’ll be content with seeing what the amazing single player has to offer and I know it will be great. What are you most excited about in the new GTA game? Leave a comment about it below.

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