Guild Wars 2 Fashion: Elite Ascalonian Armor

A sexy armor set compromised of many different armors found all throughout Tyria. Come on in and take a look at the details, there's shurikens involved.

A sexy armor set compromised of many different armors found all throughout Tyria. Come on in and take a look at the details, there's shurikens involved.

I’m Guades from Gandara and this is my attire, the self-proclaimed “Elite Ascalonian Armor.”

Having always had a thing for Ascalon, especially pre-searing (the starter area of GW1: Prophecies), I decided it would only be fitting to name my armor set in honor of this gorgeous place.

I tried giving the armor an Ascalonian feel by using a dark metal color for the main parts of the armor accented with a deep red which symbolizes Ascalon (as well as being my favorite color) and along with the golden trim and detailing the armor gives off a very a regal vibe, “Elite” if you will.
I’ve decided to submit my outfit to The Best Dressed Character contest because as time went on I’ve gotten random compliments here and there along the lines of “cool armor, dude.” and  “what’s that armor?”. One guy was even so interested that he had me link all my items and asked for every dye I used.

Which brings us nicely over to what the armor actually is. Here is where you’ll find me listing all the armor pieces individually as well as all their pro’s and con’s but I won’t tell you which dyes I’ve used because the best way to find a combination you like is to experiment for yourself.

(Note: all names are from the PvP naming system so you probably won’t find them on the TP.)

Head: Scaled Helm
By far my favorite helm in the game, the horns give your character that boost in height and the cloth draped across the back works well with the torso.

Shoulders: Divinity Avenger’s Shoulderplates
A really nice set of shoulders that imitate a pair of wings but is by no means perfect. It’s worth noting that when in combat stance it becomes painfully obvious that, like every game object, it’s paper-thin and has nothing covering the back of your shoulders. It’s a shame these are only for humans although that also makes it extra unique.

Torso: Heavy Armageddon Breastplate
An amazing piece of chest armor. The layers of sharp armor plates give the entire thing a scaly feel and the cloth covering the shoulders and the midget-skull necklace only adds to the awesome. The helm works well with this because it covers up the above necklace and keeps the colors balanced while you’re looking at your character’s back.

Hands: Whispers Gauntlets
One of the best pair of gloves in the game these gauntlets offer a lot of color customization and have an extra feature: wrist-shuriken. Do you really need more reasons to get these babies?

Legs: Heavy Armageddon Leggings
This wasn’t actually my first choice of pants when I originally composed the armor set but they are the trousers that work best with everything. I chose these because my other choice had some pretty serious clipping issues with my weapon of choice: the greatsword. Given, this one also has some clipping issues while idling where the hands move through the top spikes but it’s hardly noticeable and I’ve only noticed it when I took the above screenshots.

Feet: Plated Boots
Not a very popular choice but one of the only sturdy pair of boots I could find. Most other footwear looked more like shoes or slippers to me but I wanted something wide and stompy as I have a tendency to make a grand entrance by jumping with Death from Above into a crowd of WvW besiegers.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my wall of text. I hadn’t intended for this to be so long for a simple contest entry but I like talking about these kind of things. Good luck to my fellow participants and the judges who’ve the tough job of reading through hundreds of entries like mine, although hopefully not as long.


P.S. : If you really, really, reaaaalllly want to know the dyes and where to get the individual armor pieces send me a message through GameSkinny or Twitter and I’ll be happy to reply.
P.S.S : More screenshots can also be supplied through the same means as above.
Edit: While completing my Maguuma Explorer achievement I found my favorite location in the game yet. Obviously I needed to take some new screenshots to commemorate this find and since they show off my armor quite nicely I thought I’d add them here. The lighting effects are beautiful and it gives everything a nice and warm glow. Can you guess where I am?

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