[GW2 Fashion] Kaila Mistblade, A Thief with a Past

Kaila Mistblade's entry to the GW2 Fashion contest.

Kaila Mistblade's entry to the GW2 Fashion contest.

Pictured is Kaila Mistblade, taking no pleasure in quickly striking down her ambushers, even if she is caught with just a logging axe to do so.


Brought up in poverty in the darkest corners of Divinity’s Reach, forced to kill or be killed, steal or starve and much worse since just a child, her threads were “chosen” carefully from upper-class merchants within the city for flexibility, adaptability and preparedness. She could never have too many knives where she was going.

Most distinct, however, is the decoration on her face. After years of suffering in the underbelly of Kryta, she stumbled out of Kessex and in to the Brisban Wildlands, where the Nightmare Court immediately made an attempt of their own. After a brutal scene, she followed up on them and found just who they were – harbingers of despair and ill will. She knew nothing else by that point – it symbolised what she had become in so many ways.

On her way back to Kryta, she tore the decoration from a corpse, wiped away the grime and took it for herself. Now a simple glance can tell anyone nearby just what she’s been through and what it has turned her in to. Then, when the Order of Whispers approached her, she immediately took a liking to the shoulder pads and footwear – more weapons. You can never have enough.

I have a back story for all 8 of my characters, all of them linked to each other in different ways. It’s quite extensive. I am most proud of this character, however, simply because of how much the outfit coincides with my narrative imagining of her. If I were to write a book about the adventures of my characters, this exact outfit would be the sort of thing I would describe, even if I had never seen it before.

I am most proud of the Nightmare Court branding – I’ve had quite a few people stop to take a second glance while I’ve been idling around in cities.


To re-create the look:

Nightmare Helm (Twilight Arbor)

Whispers Shoulderpads (obvious)

Assassin’s Coat (T3 cultural)

Assassin’s Gloves (T3 cultural)

Assassin’s Leggings (T3 cultural)

Whispers Boots (obvious)

Dyes: Mix of Sand, Abyss and Winter Ice.

The next few shots will also show her with the Fractal Capacitor (final form) as a back piece, but I do not always have it enabled.

Some other shots:

Where she always starts from – known by the guild as “Slacker’s Ledge”.

Watching her back, like she always has to.

Sometimes she just prefers the quick head shot to get it over with.

She finds walking through portions of the Shiverpeaks rather therapeutic. 

Same with most underground areas.

She found climbing to the top of the Zephyr Sanctum particularly relaxing.

 The header image, which you can now expand to better see her facial expression.


Aiding in the effort against the Branded.

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