[GW2 Fashion] Noglory Croc’Dolyak

...Born in the ashes...live with them...die for them...

...Born in the ashes...live with them...die for them...
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Hi all, I’m Noglory, and here is my Thief.

First I apologize in advance for my bad English, I’m a French guy =) !

Name : Noglory

Rank : Legionnaire

Duty : Assassin for the Black Citadel

I’m a master of stealth, I excel in the art of subterfuge, but I prefer above all stalking my prey, sometimes for a few days in a row. Then once I remove it all hope of escape, I kill her without mercy.

When I’m not in mission for the Ashes Legion, you can find me at the bar beer stein in hand or at the butchery, waiting my Dolyak piece. Mmh Dolyak…



And the winter collection !


Want to get the look?

You’ll be needing full Charred dye and the following items:

  • Horns of the Dragon
  • Pauldrons of the Flock
  • Orrian Reward Breastplate
  • trapper Gloves
  • Wispers Leggings
  • Trapper Boots
  • Claws of the Desert (same skin as Rengar’s dagger from LoL)


Inspirations & Influences

Inspiration taken from Rengar (league of legends) and my imagination.

About the author


Hi everyone ! I'm Noglory, a Guild Wars 2 player ! I like make skins for my characters and make PvP vidéos.