GW2 Fashion: Posing with my mate Balthazar :D

Can you really be evil without a pink Mohawk?

Amateurgod here. ‘Sup? I’m a Mesmer-y Mesmer trained in the art of annoyance and general evilness. I love burning down my enemies with the prestige, blocking attacks and applying torment with my princess scepter or just generally confusing people with my suicidal clones (They’re always there for me!).

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I got my handsome wings on my birthday. My guildie/BFF gave them to me when I didn’t shut up for two weeks that I didn’t have the money to buy them. Since then, I just can’t take them off. (Love you, Sindri!) <3

When I’m not admiring my awesome gargoyle staff (and my sexy wings!), I’m generally PvP’ing like a madman and dodging those evil scepter/dagger Eles, spirit Rangers and fear Necros. Eating warriors and thieves for breakfast is my favourite hobby. < :

Big cats scare me, though. ):

I was a Mesmer/Necro back in the days and I like to keep that style in GW2. Also, showing off my pink glow as much as possible makes my Sylvari ego happy.

When the family is in town or when I go visit the grove and have to look nice for good ol’ Mother Tree, I change my clothes to the Aetherblade light vest, pants and shoes. (A true mesmer never takes his mask off..) My main armor is: Armageddon mask, masquerade raiments, stately gloves, tactical leggings, conjurer’s shoes; midnight ice/celestial dyes.

And that’s it. Say hi if you ever find yourself in Aurora Glade.

Be cool, stay in school. (and watch our for ugly dye combinations!) *

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