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Is it the moon, reflected in her eyes or just her genius mind?

Is it the moon, reflected in her eyes or just her genius mind?
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Well, it’s just Metrica, but it was the first region I started my journey. Back then it was an Asura, now my Human wants to see all the literally cool parts to forget the heat here in Europe.

There are some other pictures of her:


Looks like she really likes you all!

A short story about my favourite female Character

She went shopping for her very special clothes. There were so many different types and prizes of each stuff she fell in love with. Of course, it wasn’t just one piece of cloth for each body part, so the Black Lion Trading Company had to take orders from her.

The ordered stuff arrived within 24h, so she was able to take all the purchase and go to Divinity’s Reach, where she was looking for something unique for the summer to create a private collection. She deliberately avoided wearing gloves and shoulders. Why sweat unnecessarily everywhere, when all your clothes can be a perfect match for this hot summer? Not only the clothing, even her staff fits perfect to her hands and body like she was raised with it when she still was a child.

The exquisite dyes are not absolutely rare or uncommon, they are a handsome match between grace and loveliness. It shows her thoughts about fashion, which is practical and efficient not only for posing in Tyria – even for smashing enemies while defeating her Homelands.

My set:

Wraith Masque

Sorcerer’s Coat

Explorer’s Winged Pants

Explorer’s Winged Boots

Weapon – Last Whisper

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