Gw2 Fashion – The Ranger of Hearts

A quick pic of my kick butt ranger heart:)
Heart –  Upper Echelon
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Here we see my kick-butt Ranger, Heart.

To truly show off his glow I’ve placed him in the Gendarran Fields with a night evening sky background.

Fending Off the Baddie’s of the night here comes the ranger of light!


The bits?

Head: Noble Mask

Shoulders: Vigil Shoulderpads

Chest: Duelist Coat

Gloves: Radiant Vambraces

Legs: Falconer’s Leggings (Human Racial Set T2)

Boots: Falconer’s Boots (Human Racial set T2)

Back: Wind Catcher – Bazaar event

Wep: Zenith Recurve Bow

My inspiration


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