GW2 Fashion: The Warrior King

Being fashionable is all about looking like a boss.

Being fashionable is all about looking like a boss.

This is my main character, Wraith Masta.

Now lets keep things simple.  No Photoshop wizardry, no wallpaper background gimmicks, no fantastical character story, just in-game screenshots that show off what really matters: the gear.

Since playing this character from launch, this is the gear setup that I have pieced together:

Warrior King 1Busting out Twilight in Labyrinthine Cliffs

Warrior King 5Wychmire Swamp waiting to smash the Jungle Wurm

Warrior King 2Posing in Labyrinthine Cliffs

Warrior King 4Splintered Coast (Blinding Tequatl with all his majesty)

Warrior King 3(Lighting normally makes the Celestial dye look silver unfortunately)

Armor Pieces:

Commando’s Helm (Story mission reward / Crafting skin)

Radiant Mantle (Achievement Points Awards Shoulders)

Radiant Vambraces (Achievement Points Awards Gloves)

Stag Mail (Norn Tier 3 Chestpiece)

Stag Chausses (Norn Tier 3 Legs)

Flame Legion Greaves (Citadel of Flame Boots)

Sclerite Karka Shell (Southsun Living Story backpiece)


Celestial dye

Pitch dye


Thanks for checking my character out and hope to see you all in-game. Go Tarnished Coast!

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