Since Halo 3 was the last fan favored franchise game, what if Halo 5 (2 1/2 games later) created the fun everyone loved?

Halo 5 may feel like playing Halo again

Since Halo 3 was the last fan favored franchise game, what if Halo 5 (2 1/2 games later) created the fun everyone loved?

Many have argued that Halo games have not played well in multiplayer since Halo 3. Despite Halo 4 being a respectable attempt at bringing back old Halo attributes, it was not quite what old Bungie fans had been longing for as 343industries took over. However, providing 343i will not change much of the mechanics and physics, Halo 5’s beta has proved a major comeback for the franchise.

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Regardless of the hatred with Sprint, Spartan Abilities, Loadouts, and an in-depth customization 343i intergraded to compete with Call of Duty, the perks have been modified to complement Halo 5 and make it its own, providing the beta is not too far from the finalized product.

1. Sprint

Though Sprint has been a given ability since Halo 4, it has since been calibrated to fit more comfortably in Halo 5. While sprinting, one’s shields will not regenerate until stationary, thus preventing runaway opportunities of kills. It may not sound like much, but no sprint recharge nullifies those annoying, skilled players from getting away too easily.

2. Loadouts

In beta, the loadouts were map-specific, not player-changeable. This adds a more leveled playing field overall, instead of having any controversy by having a BR, DMR, or Light Rifle duke it out to prove which is better.

3. Spartan Abilities

Ground Pound (GP), Super Sprint (SS), Thruster Pack (TP), and Climb Assist (CA) were Heaven compared to Halo’s first attempts (Halo: Reach and Halo 4) with abilities.

Some may say that Ground Pound should not be a one-hit kill. But with having to click the analog sticks in to activate it and select a tangible destination, forces the one pounding to execute quickly or they risk being 4-shoted. With all skill and risk taken into consideration, it is fair for GP to be an automatic kill.

Super Sprint allows the runner have an extra boost in speed. However, the cost of this is that the sprinter’s shields will not recharge until becoming stationary—another great equal alteration. If a possible kill is making a run for it with SS, their shields will take much longer to recharge.

Thruster Packs pack quite a punch when used by a veteran. Unlike Halo 4’s sad attempt, the TP in the beta proved wonders, and gave hope to those who were let down. It responded well, gave just enough boost to where it was not over powered or lacking in any way. The kinks in the animation from Halo 4 seemed to be touched up and modified for Halo 5.

Climb Assist—or “Grapple” as I have heard it been called during beta—is very new to the universe of Halo. We have read in it the books, it is a consciously known thing for soldiers to do, especially Spartans, and once somewhat seen in the beginning cutscene for “The Maw” in Halo: CE. However, Grapple adds a fair addition, in my opinion, to where those who fail to make the jump—when normally one could, but could not at the moment, for whatever reason—that makes the battlefield even more ferocious. Using Grapple, running from a group of enemies will be more difficult when maneuvering from place to place skillfully.

4. Assault Rifle Scope

A brilliant addition made by 343i now allows Spartans to utilize a holographic sight (x2) that gives range to the Assault Rifle (AR). It narrows the vision to focus more on the crosshairs that materialize, but it is worth it on either weakening or taking down an enemy’s shield(s), and then one could swap to a Battle Rifle or pistol to finish the job. It levels the playing fields and gives the AR the viability it has not had since Halo: CE.

Moreover, everything followed up with E3 yesterday, the announcement of Warzone and gameplay shown looks as if it is a return of the fan favorite Fire Fight mixed with competitive Team Slayer. A chilling gametype that will keep Spartans on their toes by not only worrying about enemy Spartans, but also an army of smart AI-controlled Covenant. 

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