Happy Birthday Duck Hunt! The Damn Laughing Dog Turns 29 In People Years

Duck Hunt turns 29 today - and we have lots of ways to celebrate.

Duck Hunt turns 29 today - and we have lots of ways to celebrate.

On this day, 29 years ago, kids across the nation everywhere trained their plastic guns on the TV screen, pulled the trigger… and tried to curse quietly enough that their parents wouldn’t hear them.

That’s right, it’s the anniversary of Duck Hunt on NES. Released in 1984, this game featured perhaps the most well known retro game peripheral: The Zapper.

In honor of the occasion  here’s a roundup of the most interesting ways to celebrate the ducks, the hunt, and the damn giggling dog.

By suiting up

We found this boardroom-to-bar geek chick magnet  here, and they say it’s for sale on Amazon. That’s a dirty lie. (Or their link is just broken.) But I’m sure you can find an Etsy tie maker who’d be that crafter for you.

By getting a tattoo

Want a more permanent way to celebrate? What better than needles poking you repeatedly leaving irreparable marks on your body, not unlike marks the unrelenting mockery of the damn dog left on your psyche?

I can think of fewer places I’d want a judgmental, mocking figure tattooed on myself or a significant other. 

 That’s hardcore, bro.

By playing a game

Is celebrating a console game with one you play outside ironic? I’m not sure. But I am sure that these awesome cornhole boards are awesome. For a complete rundown on what they look like and how they were made, check out unrealitymag.

Want to stay inside, but not quite ready to break out the NES and halfway hyperventilate blowing in the cartridge? How about a game of pinball?

Don’t get your hopes up, unless you plan to buy it, steal it, or make friends with the owner. This custom Duck Hunt pinball machine by Skit-B Pinball is one of a kind.

By breaking out the glue gun

We know you’ve spent hours practicing wielding plastic guns, so why not put some of that to use?

It’s like Duck Hunt meets A Christmas Story. Nice.

I don’t know how long this diorama would last, honestly. I’d probably use it for Nerf gun practice. 

By needlepoint

what better way to celebrate the improved dexterity you gained blasting ducks as a youth than by putting your nimble hands to work creating an homage to the damn laughing dog?

If you’re looking for the pattern, the creator of this victory pose cross stitch is available for download. Err… The creator made the pattern available for download here. NVM.

Looking for something a little more… vindictive? Feast your eyes on this one by paperrockscisorz:

Take that, you giggling bastard.

Want to be judged in the restroom? The last bastion of peace and magazines? There’s a cross stitch for that.

Good news for lazy/uncoordinated/allergic-to-crafts people who still want to taunt their bathroom users – you can buy it! 

By keeping warm

Needlepoint not quite hard enough for you? Need a fiber arts challenge of more epic proportions?


I hope you are prepared to spend ALL WINTER knitting this awesome Duck Hunt sweater, just to finish it in time for spring. (Original by CLOT)

Don’t like that one?

Dark blue doesn’t set off the golden flecks in your eyes?

How about a light blue cardigan?

We can’t find the original info on this lady. But her cardigan clearly states she’s pretty cool.

Worried your feet might get cold? Could always go the onesie route:

Header image from http://imgur.com/h0Z6Ae6


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