High-Fiverr: 6 Awesome Gaming-Related Fiverr Services

6 creative gaming-related deals you can only find on Fiverr

6 creative gaming-related deals you can only find on Fiverr
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 If you’ve never heard of the online service Fiverr, let me boil it down for you.  Need an SEO 250 word article?  How about some custom art, video, or a voiceover for your business. Remember that kid in grade-school who would eat his scabs for five bucks? He’s probably on there too. 

Fiverr offers almost every imaginable service under the sun with a starting price of – get ready for it – five smack-a-roonies, or $5 for those of you who aren’t hip to my jive.  While the site is mostly used for actual professional services, (done by some really creative people) you still will find your fair share of bizarre; like this guy who will create a custom greeting for you or a friend by popping his eyeballs out of his sockets, or this nice Indian lady who dance with a broom for you for up to 45 seconds. 

 However, given that this is a gaming website, I thought I would share with you my favorite gaming related Fiverr services. Why six not five? Because screw uniformity!  So, grab yourself a couple of Lincolns out of your wallet, and prepare to make it rain all over these sweet deals. 

I will put YOU in your very own Android game.

Impress your friends by showing off a custom game with you as the star!  In Punch ‘Em Out – an Android compatible boxing game where you fight your character until his/her health falls to zero – you can live out your Mike Tyson’s Punch Out fantasy, and forever be immortalized in a video game. Better yet, have the maker put in a picture of someone you despise, so you can release that pent up rage against your frenamy or an ex.  Sure, you only get the choice of one game, but for five bucks you can’t be too picky.  Besides, it beats dropping a couple Benjamins on a Kickstarter game for the same offer.

I will send you my adventure board game, The Castle.

Are you a tabletop junkie?  Enjoy imagining a medieval slaughter with the roll of dice rather than watching it unfold on a TV screen?  The Castle – created by user yodazhang – brings you a unique ever-changing board game complete with keys, doors, and chests. It’s also playable by up to 4 players, making it a perfect addition on game night – which is great, because I’m tired of mercilessly failing at Settlers of Catan week in and week out. 

For $5 you only get a PDF version to print out on your own, but for an extra $15 you will receive a traditional, cardboard, game.  Yodazhang also has 16 other unique board games for sale, and is just another example of the kind of creative individuals you will find on FIverr.

I will create professional Music and SFX for your App, Game, or Video.

This one is great for a fledgling indie developer, or just someone who wants some custom music to groove to while vacuuming.  This experienced UK television composer has done everything from video games to television programs on BBC – he also has a pretty kick-ass looking music studio that I’ve been dreaming about of having ever since I picked up a guitar.

I will recreate you as an 8-bit video game character.

Nothing is more iconic in the world of gaming than 8-bit pixel art.  Get yourself one of these custom bad-boys, set it as your online avatar, and soon you’ll be the talk of town on your forum or profile of choice.  One of these would also make a swell gift your gaming significant other.

Combine it with some custom 8-bit style music offered in the deal above, and you got yourself an eye-catching header for your blog or website.  Extras include a walking animation ($10), full animation ($20), and even a custom background ($20) to go with your order. 

I will create a custom Nintendo pendant or chain.

These are pretty self-explanatory, and obviously so cool that I would pay $10 bucks for one – but I don’t have to!  Extras include: doubling the size, tripling the size, or even having it turned in to a magnet instead.

I will play an online game with you for 1 hour.

Yes, this is real, and possibly my favorite one.  Why?  Well, given that my friends no longer want to play games like DayZ, Mount and Blade or Age of Empires II online with me anymore, why not pay some stranger $5 to be my proxy gaming sidekick.  He does state that he will play ANY game.  What an entrepreneur!  However, it looks like he’s had no offers yet, so if you’re feeling a bit lonely in your online adventures, user “lordparadoxxx” has got your back.

Find any other sweet Fiverr deals?  Let me know below, and don’t forget to follow and troll me on the tweets!

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