Hold Onto Your Diva Cups: Cards Against Humanity Gets Ladylike Fan Make

Thought that Cards Against Humanity was a bit of a sausage fest? Check out "Ladies Against Humanity," the feminist fan-make.

Thought that Cards Against Humanity was a bit of a sausage fest? Check out "Ladies Against Humanity," the feminist fan-make.

Cards Against Humanity has spawned many a late night tie loosening, and now has its own feminist fan-make “Ladies Against Humanity.” A Tumblr created by political consultant and screenwriter Kate Stayman-London, “Ladies Against Humanity” has exploded in popularity with fans and feminists alike.

So what kinds of cards are in the feminist Cards Against Humanity? Cards include “putting on skinny jeans straight out of the dryer and wanting to commit genocide,” “the Williams sisters patrolling the night exacting brutal, unrelenting justice,” and “the guy in your gender studies class that’s ‘just playing devil’s advocate.'”

After the site launched about a week ago, “Ladies Against Humanity” now has over 700k viewers and 1500 reader submissions that span from the funny to the dark. 

In keeping with the CAH tradition, a lot of the cards in Stayman-London’s collection toe the line of good taste, bringing up menstruation aids and sex acts alongside topics like misogyny and the glass ceiling. 

white card via Kate D.

Fans of Stayman-London’s take on the Cards Against Humanity franchise will unfortunately be left wanting. Outside of printing the cards yourself and adding them to your set of CAH, there’s currently no way to purchase “Ladies Against Humanity.” 

There is no official word from the guys at Cards Against Humanity, but their own FAQ says that they support Creative Commons usages of their product as long as they’re not-for-profit: 

Cards Against Humanity is available under a BY-NC-SA 2.0 Creative Commons license. That means you can use our content to make whatever, but you have to give us credit, you can’t profit from the use of our content (this means ad revenue is not allowed), and you have to share whatever you make in the same way we share it (this means you can’t submit our content to any app store). We own the name “Cards Against Humanity,” so you have to call your crappy thing something else.

The site is generally NSFW, in keeping with the card game itself, so be warned. Check out the “Ladies Against Humanity” Tumblr to get more of these lady themed cards. You can check out the original deal as well as the Cards Against Humanity website.

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