Horizon Zero Dawn Leaked Ending: Major Spoilers!

Horizon Zero Dawn's ending has leaked online, and you can now find out what will happen at the end of the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn's ending has leaked online, and you can now find out what will happen at the end of the game.

Guerilla Games, the company behind Killzone series, will release Horizon Zero Dawn on February 28, 2016 exclusively for PS4. So, if you’ve been anticipating the game for some time now, be warned of the possible spoilers ahead.

Although the leaked ending is just a rumor, it comes from a user on NeoGaf Forums that leaked the true ending of Final Fantasy XV way before the release of the game. This means that the following information can be just as authentic as was the case with FFXV, assuming.

The Story of Horizon Zero Dawn

Previously, Sony has revealed a few basic facts about the story of the game. From the official synopsis we know that the events take place in the far future, in the times of post-cataclysm. The human civilization collapsed under the pressure of powerful machine-dinosaurs. The small remains of humanity returned to primal way of life and formed into small tribes.

Horizon Zero Dawn unites past and future in an interesting way. You can see all these primitive tribes using high-tech gadgets — the remains of once prosperous human civilization.

The main protagonist of the game is Aloy — a young tribal huntress, who is a very curious person and likes to ask many questions. Aloy is strongly disliked by her tribesmen for her intrusive character, and she decides to leave the tribe and find all the answers that are hiving in her mind on her own. She never knew her parents and she always wanted to know what exactly happened to all the humans before the cataclysm.

The Leaked Ending

At the end of the game Aloy will reach the Ancient Ruins and that is where she discovers the truth about her world. It appears that humans inhabiting the Earth, including herself, are not humans at all — they are bio-machines that look like humans and reproduce like humans using special bio-matter. However, the true humans, the ones that created the machines, are long dead.

Another aspect of the game is the so-called “corruption,” which is never actually explained in the ending. However, people speculate that it will be revealed in the sequel. Corrupted machines are extremely dangerous, and they have been known to be the reason for humanity’s fall.

The final part of the game will put Aloy in front of a choice — either destroying “humans” inhabiting the world, or machines that roam the corruption zones. And this is where the title of the game is explained — Zero Dawn is the name of the program that can destroy either of the creatures.


The leaked ending sounds very promising and it makes a lot of sense given the information about the game’s plot. A few other sources also mention that it will take about 20 hours to finish the main campaign, and the Arena Mode will come in the latter part of 2017. So all this looks very promising indeed.

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