A run down of what to expect in Horizon: Zero Dawn -The Thunderjaw Collection.

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Tunderjaw Collection Is Well-Worth the Price Tag

A run down of what to expect in Horizon: Zero Dawn -The Thunderjaw Collection.
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If you’re as excited about Horizon: Zero Dawn as the writers here at GameSkinny, we know you’ve been eyeballing the Thunderjaw Collection. Let’s break down exactly what you’ll be getting and what you’ll be spending.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Thunderjaw Collection

Pre-sale Price: $200

Release Date: February 28th

Included: Thunderjaw Statue, Ingame Map, Concept Art and Aloy’s Earpiece

This is not a collector’s edition, the game is not included.

 Thunderjaw Statue

Let’s be honest, it’s the star of the show and it knows. Photos are deceiving, this statue is big. At around 7lbs and 15 inches tall, you’ll need to clear off plenty of room on your desk. All details are hand painted with precision and attention to the in-game Thunderjaw.

In-game Map

This is a cloth map — easy to hang — with rumored hidden details. It’s pretty big as well, and will look really good on that empty wall behind the couch.

Concept Art

Two high quality lithographs will be included in your purchase, featuring Aloy’s two most popular concept art scenes. These both appear to be landscape oriented and a little longer than a standard piece of paper.

 Aloy’s Earpiece

While not functional, Triforce has also thrown in a replica of Aloy’s in-game augmented reality earpiece. It appears to be just a little larger than a guitar pick.

Do you think the Thunderjaw Collection is worth the price tag? Do you wish it came with the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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