Get the Skinny on great horror games that would have made greater movies

Horror Games That Would Have Made Better Movies

Get the Skinny on great horror games that would have made greater movies

There's usually a collective groan when we hear a game is going to be adapted into a movie and for many reasons. Our favorite characters lose the qualities that made them our favorites, important factors get cut out and Hollywood insists to add their own take on things.

Honestly, most gamer's would rather be spared the travesty, especially if it isn't necessary. However, there are a few exceptions when it comes to film adaptations, particularly when the game lends itself to just that sort of thing. For example, horror movies are classics and in the last few years, horror games have been coming out of the wood work, some good, some bad and some that would have been better as movies. 

That is not to say that these games weren't good, in fact, the games were great but their plots beg for a movie; whether to flesh them out more or just take advantage of an already well written script.

Here are 5 horror games that would have been even better as movies.

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The Evil Within

Developer: Tango Gameworks / Publisher: Bethesda

The moment I saw the live action trailer for The Evil Within, I knew that it was going to be big. After playing the game, I was left wanting a little bit more. Sure we have the DLC's for extra gameplay and to fill in Kidman's missing scenes but, did you see the live action trailer?

Just imagine those amazing images in a full length feature film, let alone in 3-D? Characters like the Keeper and the four armed Laura would be a great showcase, but so would the overall story line. Personally, I would love to see more of Ruvik and Sebastian's story fleshed out on the big screen. 

True, as a movie you'd be taking out the survival horror aspect of it but, chances are you'd also be getting a legitimate well crafted psychological horror film. 

Five Nights at Freddy's

Developer: Scott Cawthon / Publisher: Scott Cawthon

You either hate or love Five Nights at Freddy's; as for me, I'd rather see it as a movie than see Scott put out a fourth installment of the game. If you really think about it, the game didn't start picking up steam until all the theories started flying around about the game's origin and who exactly was Purple Man. In the end, we ended up getting more jump-scares and less real story.

Don't get me wrong, the game had a plot but the plot seemed to be bigger among fan chatter than actually in the game. Solution? A movie. In some ways it didn't seem like Cawthon had any intentions to make the game into a trilogy so his thoughts weren't all in order. There were plot holes and a lot of 'but what about this?' A film adaptation could help fix that as well as give fans a better look into the Freddy Fazbear franchise. You know, a complete start to finish. 


Developer: Red Barrels / Publisher: Red Barrels

Whether you preferred Whistleblower or the first Outlast installment, both games had a plot worthy of a good movie. Let's not forget to mention amazing antagonistic characters like Eddie Gluskin, Dr. Wernicke, Richard Trager and Chris Walker. 

Given the recording aspect of the game, as a movie it would be really cool to see it done in first-person. Just imagine a life sized Gluskin dragging out out of a locker, as scary as it might be it would be fantastic. The story of the Walrider and the Mount Massive Asylum alone would be a treat to see, granted Hollywood doesn't try to divert from the original plot. 


Developer: Frictional Games / Publisher: Frictional Games

There's not enough good things to say about Amnesia, the brainchild of Penumbra creators. The game is so popular that there are dozens of fan made versions of it so why not picture it as a movie?

A Machine for Pigs was admittedly a let down but, the original Amnesia plot has promise to be a much better film. Even Justine would make a great movie, I had always wanted a bit more when it came to the tale of her and her suitors. 


Developer: Parsec Productions / Publisher: Parsec Productions

 If you know Slender Man, then you know that the game itself is based off of an urban legend and if it is an urban legend it needs a movie, right? There are plenty of fan made Slender Man films on the internet but none that are up to what a Hollywood produced Slender Man could be. 

Naturally, the movie would be more than just finding pages and avoiding Slender Man. I think Haunt aka Haunt the Real Slender Game would be great to adapt into a movie. True, the game is different than the lore behind the original but, I think to really make a game better as a movie you should go with the less obvious choices without deviating too much. Haunt has a fully established character background in the form of Mark Slender who has some seriously aggressive qualities to make him a worthy horror movie antagonist. 

So what do you think? Do you agree with my picks? Was there any horror game that didn't make the list that you think would make a better movie? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions!

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