Cartoon Network's upcoming game is offering a shockingly small roster of playable characters.

How Many Characters Can You Play in Cartoon Network Battle Crashers? Not Enough…

Cartoon Network's upcoming game is offering a shockingly small roster of playable characters.
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This month, Cartoon Network will be releasing a new family friendly brawler game called Battle Crashers. It’s a 3D side-scroller that lets you play as some of your favorite Cartoon Network characters. 

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But there’s been some confusion about how many characters will be available in the game, and which ones those will be. But after a bit of clarification from the development team, we can say for certain that there are only six characters available for the game

Players can play as:

  • Finn and Jake from Adventure Time
  • Regular Show‘s Rigby and Mordecai
  • Clarence
  • Steven
  • Gumball
  • Uncle Grandpa

Both Finn and Jake and Rigby and Mordecai play as 1 cooperative unit. 

You can either play these characters on your own, or use the drop-in drop-out 4-player local multiplayer. It’s very an easy to play game, and full of the bright colours and humor of the Cartoon Network brand — plus it’s very family friendly. There are also replay maps with special modifiers to create extra fun and unlock additional rooms.

Each character has a special ability to fight villains, which encourages more cooperative play. For example, Clarence puts out fire with his soda gun, whilst Rigby and Mordecai remove electric charges with electronic gloves, and Steven shields other characters. All the special abilities are needed, as some characters are better to defeat traps and villains than others.

Uncle Grandpa starts the game, and you pick up the other characters along your way to fight evil shard creatures. Uncle Grandpa has accidentally driven his UG-RV through multiple dimensions… eek. This is where he encounters the other characters who then join the game.

Even though the game looks like fun, it’s a shame the roster is so small — especially given the sheer number and variety of awesome Cartoon Network characters. I personally wish I could play as Princess Bubblegum — and find it odd that there’s no sign of major franchises like Ben 10 or The Powerpuff Girls.

As the game isn’t quite out yet and will only be available for PS4, I hope that there will be other characters introduced and as part of a free DLC, rather than a paid for expansion pack. But we’ll have to wait and see.

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