How Microsoft Turned Me Off the Xbox One

Xbox One will not be coming to my house this holiday season

Xbox One will not be coming to my house this holiday season

The People Won

XBox announced yesterday that some of their most polarizing additions to the Xbox One are being reversed. That being the need to “check in” every 24 hours and maintain constant online to use the box. Also, their stance on trading, buying and selling used games has basically been eliminated. This is all because of you. The Consumer. When Microsoft realized they were getting pummeled in pre-orders compared to the PS4 they had to right the ship.

So everyone take a step back, with a sigh of relief, and know we’ve altered Microsoft’s plans…right?

What could’ve been done differently?

I think everyone can look at their policies and go “I understand what they were trying to do, but they handled it so poorly”. Every spokesperson for the Xbox One talked about DRM like it was a good thing. Or that being connected to the Internet 24/7 (remember when there were rumors of the XBox needing to always be on?) is somehow beneficial to us. It’s this smarmy attitude that has me turned away from XBox all together.

XBox could have handled all of this better. First of all, don’t tell me what is good for me. Don’t tell me how to game. I have no idea who in Microsoft thought forcing a system to always be online was a good idea. For that matter checking in every 24 hours is a terrible idea. I understand Microsoft wants the Xbox One to be more of a “entertainment all-in-one system” than a gaming system but to gamers that’s inexcusable.

We all hated it, but we shouldn’t of had to tell Microsoft that was a bad idea. Same with DRM. If a friend loans me a game I want to be able to play it. It’s literally that simple. The now infamous video of two guys sharing a PS4 game is spot on. Microsoft came at me with this “You’ll buy it because…HALO 5!” attitude and it rubbed me the wrong way.


 ***Microsoft at E3***

All of these things have been eliminated!

True, but Microsoft left a bad taste in my mouth. There are many people on Twitter who seem to have forgiven Xbox for these ideas. I’m still not sold.  If their mind can change literally a week after the systems unveiling how fast can their minds change 2 years into One’s lifecycle? The simple fact is Microsoft tried to bully us into liking their doody-balls policies and is now saving face by giving us what we want for now. Sorry Microsoft, I’m not buying into Xbox One. You’ve lost my trust.

Am I just holding a grudge? Or has Microsoft lost your trust as well? Or should I shut up and wait until people actually have the system in their house? I always say people judge things way too early. Judge me down below!


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