How the JTP Helped Me

I go over my experience in JTP at GameSkinny so far.

I go over my experience in JTP at GameSkinny so far.

I started writing at GameSkinny in August, and before that, I had very little experience in journalism. I do have experience in writing and a degree in Creative Writing, so I at least have an advantage there. I would like to go over the different parts of the JTP (Journalism Training Program) that has been very helpful to me.

Helpful Editors

The editors have been a big help at GameSkinny, especially with my guide writing. They suggest helpful things for the future, help format, and point out any errors. Editing and formatting an article, so that is looks the best it can, takes work and experience. I can say that I have learned a lot about it in my time here so far.

Getting Exposure

For someone like me, GameSkinny helps to get my name out there. I still do not have a lot of followers and connections, but I have more than I did before. More people see my writing than before, and I’m sure it will continue to grow.

Getting Experience

If you don’t already have experience writing articles for video games, GameSkinny is an excellent place for that. I’ve written over 95 articles so far in the past few months, and I’m starting to be more comfortable with it. I did not know before starting how it would be, but now most articles come naturally. I would definitely have no problem doing this for a living.

Challenging Assignments

The assignments themselves are usually not that difficult, but they can be if you do not have knowledge of that topic. Getting assignments has caused me to research something I might have never looked up otherwise. They encourage increasing your knowledge of all things video games, not just your personal likes. Expanding your horizons is important for anyone wanting to get into video game journalism or the industry in general.

The JTP at GameSkinny has been a huge help to my writing, especially with practically no experience in journalism. The experience I’ve gained here will help me get a job somewhere in the industry, if not here. It has been a great experience and I hope to continue to get better.

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