How to turn into a dragon.

100% pure unadulterated lavasomeness

100% pure unadulterated lavasomeness
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A Norrn thief fooling around at Fireheart Rise

I’m wearing the following: Enblazoned Helmet, Orrian Reward Breastplate, Orrian Reward Pauldrons, Shaman Reward Legguards, Hellfire Gauntlets, Orrian Reward Greaves
I’m using Midnight ice, iron, wrath, oxblood and icing as my dyes.

To see my super secret game-breaking, earth-shaking, terror-inducing dragon transformation skill, simply scroll down! ;o


In the first picture I tried a fighting stance cause standing around doing nothing just won’t cut it!

I was acting all tough and striking poses when in reality I was constantly looking out for one of those flamethrower mobs that have insanely high hp pools.


Aaaaand this is how I ended up. In a lava prison. ;_;

And this is how you transform. You shift the camera angle a bit and boom, you’re on par with jormag! ;D

sidenote: in the last picture I used iron instead of midnight ice!



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