Hyrule Warriors DLC: Is the Hero of Hyrule Pack Fun Yet?

A Nintendo Direct recently revealed detailes on Hyrule Warriors' Hero of Hyrule Pack's 3rd DLC, the Majora's Mask DLC Pack. Is it any good?
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It’s no secret that Hyrule Warriors–a hack-and-slash love letter to Zelda–is an incredibly huge game with a rather loyal following. The base game continues to see improvements, with Koei Tecmo pumping out free updates such as special amiibo support and level cap increases.

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I’ve put well over 100 hours into Hyrule Warriors and have yet to complete everything that came with the packaged disk! Don’t even get me started on the Master Quest and Twilight Princess DLC Packs that come with the Hero of Hyrule Pack. With content recently revealed for the Majora’s Mask DLC from January 14th’s Nintendo Direct, I can see I have a lot of work to do if I ever hope to ‘complete’ Hyrule Warriors.

What is the Hero of Hyrule Pack?

The Hero of Hyrule Pack is like a season pass that comes with the 4 announced DLC packs and bundles it together with a Dark Link costume for $19.99 on the Wii U eShop. 

  • Master Quest Pack – $7.99Hyrule Warriors Hero of Hyrule Pack Dark Link Costume
    • Released October 2014
  • Twilight Princess Pack – $7.99
    • Released November 2014
  • Majora’s Mask Pack – $7.99
    • Coming February 5
  • Boss Pack – $2.99
    • Coming in March

What is in Hyrule Warriors‘ DLCs?

Each of the DLCs from the Hero of Hyrule Pack has unique missions, costumes, weapons, and more that are definitely worth checking out–especially if you think you’ll be spending a great deal of time with Hyrule Warriors.

Master Quest Pack
  • Master Quest Full Sized Adventure Mode MapHyrule Warriors Hero of Hyrule Master Quest Pack Guardian of Time Costume
    • Unlockable LVL2/3 Weapons for Cia, Volga and Wizro
    • 16 Pallet Swap Costumes
    • Seven 8-bit weapons
  • Epona Weapon for Link
  • Guardian of Time Costumes for Cia and Lana
  • 5 New Legend Mode Scenarios from Cia’s POV

When the Master Quest Pack launched, it came with free DLC that added Cia, Volga and Wizro as playable characters. These new characters, along with the Epona weapon that came with the DLC, are all fantastic additions that add totally unique fighting styles to the game. Epona is even the personal favorite weapon of my co-op partner!

Master Tip: You can dash right away if you hold the dodge button down!

The Guardian of Time costumes for Cia and Lana are gorgeous, and the new Legend Mode scenarios are a welcome addition to the story and lore behind Hyrule Warriors.

The Master Quest Adventure Mode map imposes special rules on each mission–such as No Guarding, No Healing or No Items–to make it more of a challenge for the player.

Twilight Princess Pack

Hyrule Warrior Hero of Hyrule Twilight Princess Pack Twili Midna

  •  Twilight Princess Adventure Mode Map
    • 15 Pallet Swap Costume
    • Six 8-bit Weapons
  • Twilight Midna wielding the Mirror of Twilight
  • Dominion Rod Weapon for Zelda
  • Illia Costume for Zelda
  • Postman Costume for Link

The free DLC that launched with the Twilight Princess Pack bumped the level cap from 99 to 150, the material capacity from 99 to 999, and brought amiibo support. After this update, any Link amiibo tapped into the game would unlock the Spinner weapon.

Twilight Skip: You don’t need to pick up materials or weapons. They all tally up at the end of the battle; go nuts!

Let me just say that Twili Midna is super fun to play, and the Dominion Rod has some interesting versatility. Both of the new costumes are adorable.

The Twilight Princess Adventure Mode map is impossible if you aren’t prepared ahead of time. The first time you attempt any mission you may have some ridiculous restrictions. I’m still not ready for this.

Majora’s Mask Pack

Hyrule Warriors Hero of Hyrule Majora's Mask Pack Young Link

  • Two New Playable Characters
    • Tingle
    • Young Link
  • Majora’s Mask Adventure Mode Map
  • Three New Costumes

Not much else is known about the Majora’s Mask Pack. I assume that Hyrule Warriors players will receive free DLC alongside the release of the pack. I’m guessing that they will eventually raise the level cap to 200 but I’m unsure what more they could add. We will find out on February 5th!

Hyrule Warriors Heros of Hyrule Majora's Mask Pack Tingle

The Boss Pack isn’t scheduled to come out until March, and as such, nothing is really known about it. The official website says it adds two new game modes, but it’s hard to speculate what that could be. 

Is the Hero of Hyrule Pack Fun Yet?

While we don’t know quite enough yet to conclude whether the Hero of Hyrule Pack is worth it, I can vouch for the amount of gameplay that makes it into these DLCs. People who have completed everything to do in Hyrule Warriors often have 400+ hours logged into the game, and we only have two of the DLCs so far.

Too long; didn’t read? Is it fun yet? Absolutely. If you like Hyrule Warriors and don’t have any of the DLCs yet, do yourself a favor. Chances are you’re going to find yourself coming back to this game for a long time.

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