I Honestly Don’t Get it – Why is Anyone Buying GTA V?

I just can't understand this series.

I was the last person to hear about the new GTA V.

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I literally just found out a few minutes ago that Grand Theft Auto V was coming out tomorrow. The marketing I’ve seen has never filled me with an interest in series. But with all the crazed hype on the eve of release, I decided to look into the game a bit… and I have to say that it did absolutely nothing to change my opinion.

Breakin’ the Law… But Why?

After a bit of research on just the newest installment of the the series, I realise it’s just a “break all the rules that you normally wouldn’t break in real life” game. What is the draw in that? All violence in video games arguments aside, it really is just centered on violence. You got your ex-con, your small time crook, and your crazy maniac. This all sets you up for some high stakes, heists and breaking the law.

I really can’t get past all the violence.

A game that can explain why I have to beat up the random guy on the sidewalk. I just don’t see that in GTA.

I don’t get the story because the violence turns me off. I looked up Grand Theft Auto on YouTube and the first video that comes up starts off with a fist fight. The video shows the characters beating up people, driving their car in front of a train, throwing people out of cars, and running people over. This is all in the first two minutes. Where is the reason behind all this violence in the game?

The senseless violence just completely turns me off to the Grand Theft Auto series as a whole. Game developers wonder why their games are targeted as causing real world violence, when they throw it all into a game like this. While I disagree that the games are actually the cause, it should be blatantly obvious as to why they’re blamed when the games are filled with nothing but violence.

Why should I buy GTA V?

I need a game with some substance. A game that can explain why I have to beat up the random guy on the sidewalk. I just don’t see that in GTA.

So help me out – seriously, what’s the big deal about Grand Theft Auto? What do you see in it?

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