I Think I Have a Bundle Addiction

I have a terrible secret, I'm a bundle junkie

I think I have an addiction. I’m a Bundle junkie. It started with the Humble Bundles. Then I started buying Indie Royale Bundles, then Indie Gala Bundles, and even the Humble Weekly Sale Bundles. 

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I just can’t stop buying bundles, even when I know there’s really only one or two games I want per bundle and the rest just collect virtual dust in my Steam library. 

It was okay when it was just the Humble Bundle. I’d spend a couple bucks every few months, but now it feels like there are different bundles every few days. It’s bad–I justify it by telling myself, “I’m just donating to charity, I just happen to also get free games with it!” Except they aren’t free. I feel guilty if I don’t give at least some of it to the developers. 

I have so many games because of the bundles…

I haven’t even installed half of them. I have just under 200 Steam games, and over 50 other games on Desura, Origin, a handful of Android games, and DRM free releases. 

A part of me knows I can stop by unsubscribing from the newsletters and updates, and not compulsively checking the various bundle websites for new deals, just in case there’s a ton of money to be saved.

It’s not my fault, really!

It isn’t my fault that the potential savings are so great. I could, I suppose, stop paying as much, but then I’d feel like a greedy cheapskate. Many an indie dev has slaved night and day to make their game a wonderful gaming experience, and they deserve to be rewarded justly for their hard work. The charities need money too; “THINK OF ALL THE PEOPLE WE CAN HELP!” the little voice inside my head screams. Of course I can’t forget about the bundle organizers either! I need to give them money so they can continue to feed my dark addiction. 

If you, or any of your loved ones are bundle junkies like me, I encourage you to be strong! We will stand in solidarity! 

To help feed your addiction, indiegamebundles.com keeps track of all the bundles that are currently active. It’s amazing!

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