[Interview] Indie Dev Epic Pixel Talks RPGs and Pixel Games

Nick and Chris Sha, the brotherly duo that is Epic Pixel, sat down with GameSkinny to talk about their new Android game, RPG Clicker.
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RPG Clicker is a free-to-play game out for Android that takes inspiration from RPGs and from Cookie Clicker, a fantasy pixel RPG simplified to one finger touch. 

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RPG Clicker is simple and easy to pick up for anyone, even if they haven’t played a clicker game before. Players click to fight enemies and they earn money from enemies that they defeat. Players can spend that money to upgrade weapons and spells, or to unlock new areas to explore as they level up. If players are lucky, they’ll stumble upon chests that will drop loot.

The game’s developers, Nick and Chris Sha, are two brothers who form the indie development studio, Epic PixelI managed to catch an interview with Nick and Chris and ask them a couple of questions about their newest game. 

GS: When/where did you come up with this idea? You said it was based on the Cookie Clicker craze, did you come up with this game because you were a fan of that?

Chris: Nick and I recently started playing Cookie Clicker and other clicker games. We were immediately addicted and fell in love with the genre. At the time we really wanted to play an RPG clicker type game, and we couldn’t find any that we liked. So we decided to make our own.

We built the idea out from scratch, adding in elements we thought belonged in an RPG, which now happens to be RPG Clicker’s distinguishing features. We added key RPG elements such as leveling with stats, unique gears to equip, power spells, and epic boss fights to name a few. Seasoned RPG lovers will feel right at home, while the casual gameplay will appeal to any players. 

What RPGs would you say inspired RPG Clicker?

Nick: We were big fans of Diablo and enjoyed playing all three! Like many others, we loved grinding for legendary items and increasing our stats. It was an addicting mechanism we knew we had to explore in our game.

What were your expectations for the game?

Nick: We enjoy playing clickers and RPG games, and it’s something we wanted to share with the casual gamers. RPG Clicker is our attempt at making these two genres more accessible, we really hope people give it a chance and experience what we’ve come to love.

Were you trying to put yourself out there or were you just trying to make something fun?

Nick: We definitely wanted to put ourselves out there and try something a bit more novel, but making it fun was our motivation.  

What are your plans for RPG Clicker?

Chris: Currently we are working on porting RPG Clicker to iOS to let more people enjoy our game. Besides that, we are constantly trying to add new features and update the game with more levels. We still have a backlog of player feature requests we’re trying to get through as well. For a two person team, it’s going to take some time so players will have to be patient.

If you could add one mechanic into the game, what would you add?

Chris: There were quite a few we wanted to add but haven’t got around to adding yet. One we wanted to add for a while is a coliseum. A place where players can go to test their might against ever increasingly powerful enemies one after another to see how powerful they have become.

It’s in your name but is there a specific reason as to why you went for the pixel style art?

Nick: I’m the resident artist and I’ve gotten into pixel art lately. Also, as an indie developer with limited time, pixels are a quick medium to work with. I love the constraints of working with pixels, yet I know it can be very expressive. What the pixel lacks in detail it is better filled with the imagination.

Nick and Chris also held an AMA on Reddit covering other questions, so you can learn more about them and the game there. 

The game is already out and is available on the Google Play store and will be ported over to iOS later.

For anyone with some time on their hands, RPG Clicker is an addictive, yet simple, game to pick up.

If you want more information about the game or about Epic Pixel you can find out about them at their company’s website, Twitter or from the game’s Google Play store page.

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