Iron Games Chattanooga: Bigger and Better

Pro Halo player Russo gives his two cents on the Iron Games this weekend in Chattanooga. This year, they're bigger and better than ever before.

We are halfway through Iron Games Season One, with IG Chattanooga and the Iron Games Finals at RTX still on the radar.  We have seen some incredible matches thus far.  During the first stop of the season in Toledo, OH we watched as Team Devastation and VwS Legendary won their respective games (CS:GO and Halo 4) and dominated their competition.

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Call of Duty Players Join the Competition

New changes also took place a month later.  The fans asked for it and Iron Gaming delivered. The popular first person shooter, Call of Duty: Ghosts, joined Halo 4, SMITE and CS:GO at MomoCon in Atlanta, GA for the second stop in Iron Games Season One.  The addition of CoD: Ghosts attracted the attention of professional teams, Curse Black, Curse Orange, and popular eSports shoutcaster Ben “Benson” Bowe.

Along with many new faces, teams from the previous LAN in Toledo returned for a second shot at a tournament victory and a chance to reserve a spot at RTX.  Our Halo and CoD winners Straight Shooters and Curse Black made it look easy in the grand finals, rolling over their opponents.  Some would argue that the most exciting match of the weekend was our Halo 4 FFA Finals.  It came down to the final seconds of the game when Domey went clutch, pulling off an impressive string of kills that would crown him the IG Atlanta Halo 4 FFA Champion.

Pro Player Interview Mike “Russo” Russo

I recently spoke with Mike “Russo” Russo about his recent activity and experience with Iron Gaming. “The venue itself and the tournament was perfect,” Russo said. When asked what he liked about IG Atlanta compared to other events he had been to, Russo said, “Compared to MLG and AGL, IG was probably run the smoothest and more on time. I would always know if I was playing within 5-10 minutes, so I knew to be on time.”

Settings have also been a huge topic of discussion dating all the way back to the beginning of the season, so with recent changes, I had to get Russo’s opinion.

“Personally, I like the V2.2 gametypes. I like the addition of skillful weapons like the Railgun to more maps. Flagship took some time to get used to, and I love the fact they took out slayer. The game types and settings right now are my favorite so far,” said Russo. We both agreed that the change back to adding more power weapons like the Railgun and Sticky Detonator changes the current meta, shaking things up for the competition.   

Bigger and Better

The stage is set for IG Chattanooga to be the biggest event of the season.  No, literally.  The stage is set.  Iron Gaming has improved from event to event, which only means bigger and better things, and the venue for Chattanooga is a prime example.  The Chattanooga Trade and Convention Center is the largest venue of the season and it means more room for cool stuff.  Iron Gaming has also prepared a 25ft LED wall that will project amazing graphics to enhance the spectator viewing experience. After learning about the new set up, Russo had this to say, “It seems like IG is stepping it up at every event, they just seem to be getting better and better.” 


Things Are Just Getting Started

Iron Gaming fulfilled the wishes of the community once again.  IG Chattanooga will feature a Halo 2 4v4 tournament along with SMITE, CS:GO, CoD:Ghosts, Halo 4 FFA and 4v4.  If that was not enough, there will also be exhibitors and other games for players and spectators to play such as TitanFall and Super Smash Brothers Melee.  Russo showed his support for featured games at Chattanooga saying, “Of course, Melee is one of my favorite games. I would love to see that at one of the IG events.”  

With attendance and popularity growing at a tremendous rate from event to event, it seems that things are just getting started at Iron Gaming.  And this year, they’re bigger and better than ever.


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Article written by Jonathan Miller

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