Is Sony’s PS4 going to have a difficult next few months?

Sony's summer calendar for PS4 releases is rather bare, will this cause the PS4 to suffer in popularity and sales?

Sony's summer calendar for PS4 releases is rather bare, will this cause the PS4 to suffer in popularity and sales?

Recent numbers indicate that the PS4 has sold better than its fellow eighth generation “rival”, the Xbox One. Despite the higher numbers of consoles sold, the PS4’s exclusive games haven’t received glowing praise with the exception of the recently released Bloodborne. Both systems have fallen behind the Wii U in quality of games. The Wii U has experienced higher sales from multiple titles, such as Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Mario Kart 8.

The PS4’s schedule for releases this summer is also not all that illuminating either. That is not to say that third-party games coming to the PS4 are not worth the purchase, but the PS4 exclusives have the potential to really show off the capabilities of the PS4.

One of these examples is The Order: 1886. This game is a visual marvel with both the characters and environments demonstrating a realistic and gothic style. However, concerning the story and the gameplay, The Order: 1886 is rather lacking. The story is confusing, and the gameplay fizzles out as the plot reaches its climax.

On the other hand the power and popularity of Bloodborne demonstrate that the PS4 can really stand on its own. The game has a gigantic map, full of diverse locations as well as a variety of enemies. The scenery of the desolate town of Yharnam is as gorgeous visually as one would expect from a creation by From Software.

Nevertheless the upcoming schedule for the PS4 this summer is a bit lackluster concerning standout games. Two games in particular in the PS4’s arsenal have the potential to improve the PS4’s summer releases. In July God of War 3: Remastered brings the bloody finale of the G.O.W. trilogy to the PS4. Supermassive Games has recently announced that Until Dawn will be released in North America on August 25th. These games have two different styles that can really show off the PS4’s ability to provide fascinating gameplay, intriguing storylines and beautiful visuals. Betting on only two games for the summer lineup is rather risky and may be putting all Sony’s eggs in one basket.

Sony will be releasing multiple promising games such as The Witness, Rime, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and No Man’s Sky (a timed exclusive) for the PS4. However, none of these titles have a definite release date. All that has been stated so far are promises for 2015, but they have yet to be confirmed with specific dates. A possibility exists for more specific information to be revealed at Sony’s E3 Press Conference in June. So there is a chance that Sony will give its fans and consumers a more exciting summer schedule to look forward to. At the moment Sony’s calendar of game releases is rather bare to say the least.

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