“It’s the waiting around that messes with your head” Fans Battle Buffers During PS4 Live Stream

Perhaps the Killzone demo put it best... For many fans, the PS4 live stream turned into a maddening waiting game as the event introducing the next Playstation console slowly teased out info between buffer symbols.

Millions tuned into the Sony live stream as they announced the Playstation 4 on February 20th, 2013. Average concurrent connections to the stream hovered around half a million viewers most of the night, leading to some frustrating (but hardly surprising) technical issues getting between fans and their highly anticipated information. 

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Of course, that may just made the post updates from better-connected fans fly faster.


We hope no one at Sony gets their feathers to ruffled by the buffer issues. After all, far better to have a huge audience madly clamoring for updates they can’t quite get than to  have smooth access to a smaller crowd.

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